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@AngelPuppy1 , I'm sorry your still so uncomfortable with your scalp, maybe if it doesn't let up, give the dr a call??  I've never had Mohs, so I really can't comment on how it should feel, but I kinda think you should get some attention.   My parents both have had it it done, but I don't recall them being in pain much.  I've have a precancerous spot, froze, zapped, and shave biopsies,  one tested positive for basil cell.  It was on my upper back near shoulder blade.  I didn't think any sun ever hit that spot, I really don't wear tank tops out.  Goes through clothes apparently.   That one really bothered me after they took it off, and got red all around, scabbed, and had to have the scab pulled off, and heal all over again.  Derm then gave me some type of injection in it too, help it heal.  I'm left with a nickel size white spot...3 yrs later.

I've never used Retin A was prescribed for a scar/pock, and some other spots on my face.  I also get some clogged pores, no mater how thorough I cleanse.

I would think having rosacea, your not a candidate for it.

My derm also recommended laser treatment for my scar and overall brightening.  I really complained, so finally getting help.  I'll look into laser, and prices when things calm down here.  Idk if you saw my post on the pet forum, I'm going to neuter my lab, hes 16 mos.

Price has sky rocketed to around $ one thing at a time here.  Also he'll have to be closely watched for 2 weeks after surgery...hes a big boy with high energy. 

 Hope you feel better very soon, don't hesitate to call your Dr with any concerns or never know, they may advise something so simple to provide some relief meantime.

Last time I took my mom to derm,  she had a terrible reaction to the numbing injections, swelled up and was in bad pain, and felt overall sick.  I called, and they prescribed an antibiotic ointment,  not an otc.  You just try, ask...👍

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Thank you so much for your kind and patient response!  I am happy to say that although my surgery site is still very, very sore, I no longer have the extreme pain and horrible headache that I had!  It took 5 days to feel a lot better.  The site is still raw which I guess is to be expected.  I was told that getting MOHS on your scalp is more challenging as the skin is so tight and thin and there is not much to work with, so they were really having to pull and tug and maneuver to try and get the site closed with sutures and that a small area could not be closed and so it remained open.  Not ideal! I have had a lot of different kind of biopsies on difference areas of my body and cryo done and they were not fun at all, but nothing compared to this!  I had a lot of shots of lidocaine and I think I might have gotten kind of sick from all of that stuff in my body.

That is really crazy that you got that basal cell on your upper back.  I am really, really scare of the sun after this experience!  

I have quite a few of those milia on my face.  I would like to get rid of those but I guess I have to put up with them.  

Good luck with getting your puppy taken care of.  I know that this is a big expense and something which requires your energy and attention also.

Please take care of yourself and thank you so much.  My best wishes to you for your health and also your puppy's!!! 


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