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I thought this was a great haircut on this wig.  It's by Wigsbuy and comes in 18 different shades and different sizes.  I would not wear this style but it is nice for a younger woman.


Short Layered Hairstyle Women's Blonde Natural Straight Synthetic Hair Capless Wigs With Bangs 12Inch

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I love the style. 

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I love it .... looks so good 👍👍👍

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That's cute. I bought this and may wear it soon. MyMs.SharonWig.png

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Buyer beware...Wigsbuy is a scam company that uses other legit companies pictures and sends out cheap inferior products .👎

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Thanks for the warning.

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Yes, always check reviews.  Best Wig Outlet is the same.


On the shag style, those not so perfect shag styles suit me because they look believable on me.

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SUPER cute!  If I were a wig-wearer, I'd wear it!  I like short sassy haircuts Smiley Happy

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very cute and does not look like a wig.