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Great Interview with Chaz --

Here's a great interview with Chaz. Although it focuses his role as a 'businessman', I think it REALLY shows what an extraordinarily special person he is. I also learned a couple new things like he bought a house near QVC so the WEN team can really be there for the QVC shows and is really a photographer and has done much of the WEN photography! I got this link off his facebook or twitter, so enjoy:

I couldn't agree more with his feelings about really being the best person you could be. Its SO impossible to find a workplace that really supports its employees in doing so. The first 'big' job I had, I was lucky enough to have that exact atmosphere and because of it, the employers benefitted from our work tremendously, imo. However, the last couple jobs I had, I worked with shockingly bitter people who were hateful, destructive and negative. (I say 'shocking' because its amazing how our society allows these people to exist and function once they are found out. That's the 'real' shocking part of it. You hear people like that exist, but when you 'experience' them- wow. Clearly this interview gave me something to think about besides haircare. Smiley Happy

I'm also enjoying Oprah's 'Master Class' series on the OWN network. (Which has an amazing resource and information section on the OWN website, in case you've missed the episodes on the network.) I love hearing about the repeated 'failures' and difficulties various successful individuals have had- not to focus on the act of failing, but seeing SO CLEARLY how they stepped right back up (after a MASSIVE face-plant, wham!) and tried it all again. And didn't just succeed, but succeeded wildly, following their true selves.

I think Chaz needs to start posting his job openings here. Smiley Wink