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@Grouchomarx   Alberti has white and silver hair mixed with a few dark strands.  If you saw him with a young child, would you assume he was the grandfather?


He is only 40 and looks very youthful.  You can tell he is not an old man.  His hair color hasn't aged him one bit.


It takes more than gray hair to make one look older than they are.


I wear my natural hair color  and it is salt and pepper.  My DH does too.  Everyone assumes we are in our mid 50's and we are both in our mid 60's.


I had two different doctors in one week who doubted my age.  Both said I look much younger.  I guess my hair color never aged me.


If people like the way they look with colored hair, they should color, but thinking it will make them look younger doesn't always work out that way.



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I think they see it as silver more than grey. And some people just love silver. So why not dye their hair that color? In an odd way it accentuates their youth provided their faces look young enough to make it obvious the grey isn't natural.


That's related to a reason I stopped getting subtle platinum highlights in my dark blonde hair a while back. One day I went to a new salon and the stylist asked me if my highlights were natural. It finally occurred to me that instead of fabulously blonde, at my age and to other people I might just appear to have lots of grey/white hair! Not something I wanted to hurry along at that point.

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@suzyQ3 wrote:

There is no stopping this thread from joining all the other contentious threads regarding gray hair.


I'll stick to the topic here and say that the artificial graying of young people is just a trend, and although I do see it occasionall, it's not widespread.

The Kardashians do it all the time!

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I don't get the trend either.  I got my first grays at 15 and by 18 I had tons of them so I started getting professional hair dyes at about 17.  It is trendy now but it doesn't look good with my hair texture or my skin tone so I will keep on getting hair color to match the color I was born with (dark brown) probably until I leave this worldSmiley Happy.  Just because something is trendy it doesn't mean it looks good on everybody.  And going gray naturally is one thing but getting a bleach job and then a dye job on purpose just to follow the masses is something completely different.  But whatever makes people happy...I'm sure when the trend is over they're going to laugh when they see their pictures.

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This is what I am talking about.  You can tell it's not natural.  


See the source image

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I think the young lady with silver gray hair looks beautiful.  


It is not important for hair color to look natural, it just should look good.


Most women that are 50+ do have natural gray/silver hair that they color brown, black, red or blonde.  You can tell it is not natural, but it looks nice.


It's the same thing, in reverse.

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@Carmie wrote:



My own hair is salt and pepper..many shades of silver and black.  I volunteer at an elementary school.  The kids often ask me my age, and I tell them.  Often they say, you are older than my grandma, but you look younger.


I ask if "grandma" has silver hair like mine, and most of the time they say no.  Children do not associate gray hair with age any more. 


I asked my 10 year old grandson and the kids at school  if people looked younger if they colored their gray hair.  They said no, they just look like old people who color their hair.  



I guess I am completely confused as to how and why this is an appropriate topic with elementary age school children.  I might understand a conversation about things you learned from your grandparents; places you went with your grandparents; accepting that people have different appearances - but this, I don't get. 


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This has been a trend in my area for quite some time.  They call it granny hair.  Most of the young women I have seen look wonderful.   As @porcelain mentioned it accentuates their youth.  It is not meant to look natural.

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Re: Gray Hair Trend

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@tobes wrote:

@Anonymous032819   gray hair journey





I applaude her for letting her hair go naturally gray, and I think more women should do that.



But I'm not talking about gray hair that comes out of your head already gray.



I'm talking about those who choose to color their hair gray, understand?



I was just curious as to what people thought about those who choose to color their hair gray.

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