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Got my Josie Maran Matchmaker foundation

I always say I have tried every foundation meaning I have tried a lot.  I never tried this because I have combination to oily skin still at almost 70.  My biggest problem is finding the right color and it not settling into fine lines and making them look worse.  I got this when it was a duo and was pleasantly surprised.  It matches my skin and does not settle into wrinkles and does not get oily at all.  I am just shocked.  I applied with a sunsceen under it and alone.  I would not recommend for dry skin.  It almost keeps the oil under control.  I just use fingers and rub on like sunscreen or moisturizer.  I must say it does not cover much.  It just helps to even out the skin and give a better look than no makeup.  If you have stuff you want to cover this would not be the one.  I am pleasantly surprised and will keep it.  It also does not feel yucky on the skin like you can't wait to wash off.   

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Re: Got my Josie Maran Matchmaker foundation

@aubegirl I may need to try this. It sounds really nice.

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Re: Got my Josie Maran Matchmaker foundation

@aubegirl   You may want to try Bobbi Brown's new foundation for oily to normal skin.  My skin is normal but I love this foundation.  It's light and you don't even know you are wearing anything.  I can get medium coverage from it.  Sweatproof which is great for these hot summer days we are having.  I first apply my moisturizer and then the foundation.  Sometimes I spread with my fingers otherwise I use the makeup sponge that looks like an egg.  It's called liquid to powder foundation for $40.  Comes in a flat black tube.  Check it out on the website.

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