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I'm jealous. Your hair looks so much better than mine does after getting a perm. My last perm was in February and I usually get one every four months. You don't have to do a thing to it. You have beautiful hair.

@Luvtuna Every 4 months?  Do you have very short hair or does it just relax that much?  I have a friend who once got a perm and it was so tight it looked like a poodle, but a couple of months later you couldn't even tell she had one.  It fell out that quickly.  I know when I was in getting my hair cut 6 weeks ago a man came in while I was drying my hair and my hairdresser ws giving him a perm.  I asked her about it since I didn't think men got perms anymore.  She said yes, and that he would be coming in next week to get a cut and the next appointment would be another perm, so that sorta sounds like every 3 months maybe.

Yes, I do have very short hair. Not so short anymore but it looks ok without a perm and only the family sees me so I'll hold out a little longer. Wish I had your hair. I miss the pony tail days. Four months really is a stretch for me but I use a curling brush even when I have a perm.

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Condolences on your loss - so sorry about your deary kitty!  


Your hair looks amazing!  What type of perm do you get?  It's so pretty and soft looking --- not frizzy at all --- and looks like natural curls!  What kind of styling do you have to do?  I gave up perms eons ago because of the damage and frizz.  Seeing your hair makes me think ---- hmmm --- should I try one again???  


Thank you everyone for all your kind comments.


@AngelPuppy1 she uses a Tressa Perm:

It's good for color-treated and previously permed hair.  I had to look it up by the color of the box. All I could see was the brand name before she took it away.  


She also uses fairly large rods.  My hair sucks up a perm and always has even before I started coloring.  The stories I could tell.  I'm done in the shortest amount of time.  They no longer even check me anymore.  I'm not sure if rod colors vary by manufacturer, but she uses purple (the smallest), orange, and peach rods.  After she rolls it she inserts zip-ties to stabilize them. 


I only shampoo once a week with a sulfate-free shampoo and use a cleansing conditioner the other days (every other day).  


For styling, I actually use an old T-shirt to wrap my head in when I get out of the shower.  I have read that the little nubbies on standard towels are bad for curls. I don't like microfiber becaues it pulls too much water out of my hair.  I want it fairly wet, but not dripping when I put product in.  I comb through with a narrow-tooth pick.  After that I spray in leave-in conditioner and an anti-frizz spray.  I then add in a curl cream and a gel that I scrunch in upside-down, and let it air dry as long as possible. I finish up by diffusing with a diffuser that has a deep bowl and holes in the "fingers" so that the warm air gets down to the roots.  I push it against my head and lift a little to lift the roots as they dry.  After that all I do is put in a little of the Tweak'd Restore Treatment oil as a styling cream.  


I mostly stay away from Sulfates, silicones, and drying alcohols (not all alcohols are drying), although I do use a bit of hairspray to keep hair from falling in my face.  Silicones coat the hair and keep moisture from entering the hair shaft.  That can be good for frizz control, but many of them require a sulfate shampoo to get out, so they build up on hair and also don't allow the good moisture to get into the hair.


I picked up some of my pointers from a curly hair group on facebood, although I have never tried to totally follow the Curly Girl Method.  Now, the group has morphed into a sorta Nazi-ish only water-soluble products which they have determined only exists in a handful of lines and I thnk it's much more complicated than that because emulsifiers turn non-water-soluble products into water-soluble, so it's really the combination of products you use and there's no way they can determine that.  Besides, I have extremely hard water, so I need to clarify occasionally to get that buildup out of my hair which I do before I color anyways.


I'm sure that's TMI, but if you want more info including what specific products I use I'll be happy to share.  Actual styling time besides diffusing takes a lot less time than the time it took me to type this, so even though it's wordy it's actually very low maintenance for me. 

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For years my hairdresser said that you cannot combine hair dye with a perm because the chemical processes will destroy your hair as there is a risk of extensive damage. Your beautiful hair @Icegoddess , proves her wrong. 

You really look beautiful! 

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Very nice!  

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So sorry about your beloved pet, @Icegoddess. Your curls look delicious. I have very curly hair, and I have been trimming the ends on my own and not getting root color. It's an interesting experiment.

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For years my hairdresser said that you cannot combine hair dye with a perm because the chemical processes will destroy your hair as there is a risk of extensive damage. Your beautiful hair @Icegoddess , proves her wrong. 

You really look beautiful! 

@Trinity11 she uses a Tressa perm that is specifically designed for previously processed hair.  Also, I wear it natural which means I don't use curling irons or flat irons on it.  To me that is just as damaging or even more damaging than the perm.  In my opinion, someone with virgin hair who uses those styling implements every day, especially if they don't use a good heat protectant first would have more damage than someone who colors.  

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i get perms about everuy 4 to 5 months... i get it real tight. but it does rellax after a few weeks. i get my haircut usually every 5 to 6 weeks... love my curls!

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That's very kind of you to go into the details!  Seems like a lot to me, but probably seems like second nature once you get on to it!  I am clueless about styling hair, I'm ashamed to say.  I wash it, condition it and it goes how it goes!  Thanks so much!!!  

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