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@bargainsgirl wrote:

How timely is this!  I will be 67 in a few weeks.  I have dark brown chin length hair.  I have been debating what to do about going gray for a few years.  Since the virus hit, I have not colored at all since end of Feb.!  It is mostly silvery around my face/hairline and very little gray throughout.  Some days I like it some I don't.  Still not sure what to do.  I have a box of Madison Reed here just in case!!  Wish

 they had grey dye so one can see a total affect!!

Good luck to you and I commend you on your decision!!

You could always try on a wig with a similar style, but gray???

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Good for you for accepting it and realizing coloring is a lot of work. I did the same around age 50. Truth is I can't remember when I stopped coloring. My hair is still not solid a lot in the back is still dark blonde. I also let my natural curls go at the same time and I'm very happy with both those decisions. My hairdresser also said I was too young. Now she's fine with my decision and compliments me on the texture and color of my grey. 

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Re: Going gray — at 34

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@Smc09    To begin... My Mother was prematurely grey and all my life my Mother had white silver hair as a young woman... my Irish roots....


  I started getting greys at 18.  By age 22 my hair looked frosted.... I enjoyed my frosted hair until at age 32, when one day a customer told me YOU LOOK 10 YEARS OLDER WITH THAT GREY HAIR..... and the next day I started to color my hair... all because of a rude comment by a male customer...


I colored my WHITE hair for the next 25 years.... in 2013 I had knee replacement and decided to forgo coloring my hair for a few months... I ended up cutting my hair short and growing my WHITE hair out ... 


So now 65 I have WHITE silver hair. I grew it out long and  I get compliments on it everywhere I go from total strangers.  Best thing I ever did was to FOLLOW MY HEART.  


I never would have started to    color my hair  if that one rude customer had just kept his judgemental mouth shut years ago..... 


 Enjoy your beautiful natural hair... no more mess... expense or toxic chemicals again for you.  You are now a part of the SILVER FOXES.Woman Happy

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@mom2four0418 wrote:


Only you know what your stylist's motives are for disagreeing with your decision.  Color, not color, it is up to you and either way, you are still being yourself. 

interesting fact that when I use to go to get my white hair colored... the stylists would always say to me...


"You have that pretty white hair.. you should grow it out".

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@Smc09  Does it run in the family graying young?  I have seen young women with full heads of gray.  You should do with what makes you feel good.  Gray hair is not the end of the world like some women think.  I went salt & pepper in my mid 50's and love it.  It is still salt & pepper and I am 70 now.  I have to tap myself because I can't believe I am 70.  Anyway, when I decided to let it grow in, I had my hair cut shorter than normal and it did not take long at all to be salt & pepper.  My salt was always on top for most part.  I still have pepper in the back on the bottom about 5 or 6 inches.  It looks great when it's cut in short layers.  Enjoy your gray hair.  You earned those silvery threads!  lol

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I'm sure your hair stylist is telling you are too long due to the income she will lose. Nothing wrong with being gray at a young age. It happens to a lot of people. DH had the same thing happen just like his mom. His hair has been gray since he was really young.

Wondering when mine will all turn gray? DH told me to quit putting dye on it so it could turn gray. I have not put dye on my hair for at least 5 months.

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I decided to grow out my gray at the end of the year.  I had it cut into a pixie and final,yngot it cut again a couple weeks ago.  My stylist isn't happy and friends not very supportive.  I now have just my own color.  My advice is keeping tri,,Ed.  Mine looked back with my quarantine hairdo and I looked much more white than I really am.  I use a purple shampoo at times.  See what younthink%. You can wlways change it. 

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I cannot thank you all enough for the kind & encouraging words!!
It was not the easiest decision to make since I am only 34, but I am glad that I finally decided to do it.
I found a couple of Instagram pages to follow for inspiration and I love what one of the women said “why do we associate gray/silver hair with a certain age, it’s just a color”
Love that!
Thank you all again, I love this little community we have here! 💞💞