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Happy Tuesday all!
After much deliberation over the past 2 years, I have decided to finally let my natural gray/silver go natural. I started getting gray hair around the age of 23, my hair is naturally very dark brown. It wasn’t too bad at first, just a couple of strands here and there.
But around the age of 29, it was all throughout. I was having to get my hair dyed every 4 weeks.
My hair grows very quickly, so because of this, my new gray growth starts showing by day 10 after it is dyed.
Plus, my scalp has never done well with hair color, no matter what the brand. It would itch for right around a week after it was done.

So here I am, 34 years old, and letting the gray/silver do what it will!
My hairstylist is not thrilled with my decision, says I am way too young to let it go 🙄 but I’m happy with my decision and funny enough my husband told me last night he is happy with my decision, he thinks the gray/silver strands through my hair make it look unique and like glitter!

If any one has any advice on this process, I appreciate it!
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You  are a wise young lady. Be yourself and you will be happy. Your hair and scalp will be happier too.

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Your hairstylist is not happy because it is money out of her pocket.  Sorry but that is my honest opinion.  I was older before I decided to just let mine be gray,  I wish I would have done it much younger and not spent what turns out to be thousands of dollars over the course of many years coloring my hair.  Wasted money and wasted time sitting in that chair.  If I had to do it over again I would not. 


You do what is right for you and don't worry about what your stylist says.


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MissPepsi took the words right out of my mouth!  Your stylist isn't happy because that is less money for her.  You do what is best for you.  I, too, started coloring my hair in my mid-20s.  Since the start of COVID, I decided I would try to let mine go natural and see what it looks like.  I am loving it!  It is going to be a big change, but I like it.  Wish I had never started coloring my hair to begin with.  All the best to you and embrace the new you!!!

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Good for you!  We are programmed to believe gray or silver hair is ageing and for old people. I think a silvery gray looks wonderful on someone who is young.  It's starting to be popular among young people but they are paying to have their hair dyed that color!


You are fortunate to have those silver strands that sparkle, naturally, among the gray.  It does shimmer and like your husband says...............glitter!  Adjust your makeup since you are now a lighter color around your face.


Enjoy it!!!!!  Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle!

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In the long run I’d say whether you’ll be happy gray at your age depends upon the texture of your hair and the color of it as it grays more plus your skin color.


My family pretty much all gray early.  Some do really well and some just look old and worn before their time.  You’ll know which you are.


i do not buy into the idea that natural is always best.  Hurricanes and earthquakes and diseases are natural,too.

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I commend you!  I let my hair go gray/silver much later than you and I too wish I had done it sooner.  I also had the itchy scalp thing after dyeing my hair no matter what brand.  So now I like keeping my hair in its best condition (using hair masks, hydrating shampoo, a nice cut, a glossy spray to make it sparkle! 😁)

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My maternal grandparents were a study in hair contrasts. My grandmother and her siblings were all grey by 30. My grandfather had very little grey hair up until his dying day. At 73, I have been fortunate in inheriting Grandpa's hair. I was curious to see how my hair would grow out during quarantine and I had some grey at the temples. I colored it yesterday morning.

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I too had strands of gray hair in my 30's and I had it colored for years.  In my 50's I thought about letting it go gray.  I let it grow for about 6 weeks but it was a horrible battleship gray color, not at all attractive.  So I waited about 10 years and somewhere in my early to middle 60's my gray turned white.  I then got it cut short and had it bleached while growing out.  Its now a very pretty white and I like it.

Saving time & trouble. If I offend you, I am sorry.
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I don't think your stylist is discouraging you because of loss of income. A lot of people are totally against letting your natural color, if that natural color is grey, grow out. It's just their conditioning or opinion.

I am sorry that your stylist didn't jump in & offer to help make that process easier for you. That makes a huge difference. I mentioned it to my stylist years ago. She agreed, said it would be a slow process, but every visit my hair looked the same. 

I went to a different stylist & wasn't encouraged, so I kept going with a deep reddish brown color. I felt like they knew better. I wasn't happy with that stylist for various reasons & I started going to a different stylist.

I love her! She is so enthusiastic about anything that I suggest. At first I still went with the brown/red, but I went in one day & made a comment about wanting to let my hair go natural & she was all "You want to?! We can do that!" 

That was in January. I am very happy with my hair. And, I went from spending $120 every 5 weeks to my last appointment (May 26) which cost $26.

On a different note, for those of you that get the itchy scalp when you color your hair I did get this great tip from a stylist.

She would add a packet of Sweet N Low in my color & my scalp never itched, again. I don't know the chemistry, but it worked!