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I have a beauty fridge in a bathroom closet.  I can make it up and store it there.  Could I mix the glycerin with my Missha essence?




Anything that is water-based can have glycerin added to it and the glycerin will mix in with it. Glycerin won't mix with oils...they separate.

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Does anyone here use pure glycerin on their face?  From what I understand it's a very good humectnat.  I think it was Dr Idress that suggeted this over HA but don't quote me on that.  Which one do you use?  Thanks!

@monicakm  My PM moisturizer is CeraVe PM. It’s dermatologist recommended and very affordable.  Glycerine is the second ingredient, after water.  Good stuff.  

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I will keep that in mind for when I run out of my Tatcha night moisturizer.  I'm slowly trying to eliminate some of my more spendy skincare products for less spendy products.  I'm a little nervous about it.  Don't want to rock the boat since my skin looks better than it ever has.  I've heard some great things about CeraVe PM.  I'm going to look for some less expensive rice based products too.   I really like products in the K-Beauty realm and rice is a main ingredient in most of them.