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I have had really bad dry scalp problems since using Wen. I think Chad has made so much monies off of Wen that he has changed things around a little and has lessened the quality of product. His spiritual appearance seems to lack merit.

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On 4/8/2015 ChynnaBlue said:

Gohar, sorry to hear this!

I find the Bamboo Green Tea to be too drying for me and can't use it alone I mix it with Fig to get enough moisture and won't repurchase this one.

If you have dry hair, Fig might be a good option for you. If you have dandruff, Tea Tree might be a good option for you. You could also mix the two together and get the benefits of both.

If you want to keep using the Bamboo Green Tea and don't want to order more WEN yet (or ever), you can try several things:

1 - Use a dandruff shampoo and WEN as a conditioner, as someone else suggested.

2 - Add some tea tree oil to your Bamboo Green Tea WEN. I buy mine at Whole Foods, but I've also seen it at my local grocery stores and some drugstores. It won't mix in well if you add it directly to the WEN bottle, but you can add some to your pumps of WEN before you apply to your hair.

3 - Make a pre-wash treatment of tea tree oil and a carrier oil to massage into your scalp right before you wash OR to use as an overnight treatment the night before you wash. Carrier oils include jojoba, argan, sweet almond, grape seed, olive, or coconut oil. Coconut oil can be comedogenic and olive can be harder to wash out of hair, so I'd go with one of the others. Grape seed oil is inexpensive and sold in many places. Tea tree can be used for all kinds of things, but should be diluted with a carrier oil when applied to skin. I use a 10:1 ration with 10 parts carrier oil and 1 part tea tree.

I wanted to write back sooner but have been so busy! I smiled reading this because since I posted I have done these steps. It has helped a lot. No itching and even though I still have some dandruff it isn't as bad as it was when I first posted. I didn't cleanser for two days and my hair was still going strong. Thanks everyone for your help and suggestions!