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UGH...a friend gifted me with a mani/pedi of gel polish. I was told to use 100% acetone to does not work! 


Can someone give me a tip on how to get it off my nails?



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Re: Gel polish removal

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@Mom2Dogs  Tear small pieces off a cotton ball then soak those pieces in the acetone.

Place each cotton piece over a fingernail, making sure to cover the nail. Wrap fingertip in a small strip of aluminum foil. Wait at least 15 minutes before removing.  Use a cuticle pusher to remove stubborn spots, or repeat soaking process.

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I would rough up the surface of the gel with a file then do the cotton/acetone/ foil thing.
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@JeanKC  @pateacher   Wow, I had no idea the polish would be so difficult to take off....I appreciated the gift but doubt that I will ever go the gel route again. thanks.

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The gel fuses to your natural nail and that makes it very difficult to remove. It's also not good for your nails either b/c when you take it off, it removes a small layer of your natural nail.

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@pateacher The best thing is to pay someone to remove it, but I removed mine myself.

It was a misery & my nails were a mess. 

Acetone, cotton, foil, picking, peeling..I don't remember how long it took me to get it off.


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I would strongly recommend going to a nail salon to have it removed. I removed mine myself at the beginning of the pandemic because I had no choice, and it was a real mess. I will never get it again, even though I used to all the time. I've been doing my own nails with regular polish, and I'm actually enjoying it.

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Amazon sells a gel nail polish remover....I haven't tried it so can't say how well it works.

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I do my own manicure, and once in awhile while hunting for a new nail color I willcheck out the gel polish, but never bought any. Now I am glad that I did not cave.  After reading this enlightening thread, I will stick with regular polish.  

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If you're talking about the removers that "burst" the polish, please DON'T get these products anywhere near your skin or nails. 


I'm going to cut and paste an October 2019 post from Doug Schoon's FB page (minus a bit at the very end urging professionals to spread the word). Doug is an international nail expert/chemist. I encountered him online several years earlier, and have always found him to be exceptionaly knowledgeable and concerned about safety and the client's welfarr     


"Burst Remover Update #2: These new burst (aka miracle) removers continue to be a huge problem. Make NO MISTAKE- this is NOT one of those silly issues where a tiny traces of toxic substances are found in a few products, but pose no real health risk. Quite the contrary! All four of the four products tested so far all contained very high concentrations, exceeding 80%, of this known and prohibited carcinogen. Methylene chloride is specifically singled out and banned from cosmetics due to its high toxicity. Methylene chloride can be toxic by inhalation AND by skin absorption.
DO NOT USE THESE PRODUCTS! I recommend that you return them and demand a full refund.
These bursts removers are being sold under many dozens of brand names by re-sellers who have been lied to about the ingredients and didn’t verify the ingredients. Methylene Chloride is NOT even permitted in China, so the original manufacturers of this are lying on their export/import forms and providing fake ingredients list and false Safety Data Sheets.
Don’t be fooled. These products are now being made by other manufacturers in other countries… greedy fools who have jumped on this money-making bandwagon. If they are making these products, they KNOW the ingredients are banned. That is why I am calling for an intentional investigation to root out these bad actors and give them their just rewards.
BTW: These products also contain “methanol” in high enough concentrations that it could blind a small child if accidentally ingested- which is why methanol is also prohibited in cosmetics.
In short, ANY rapid “Burst” type remover that appear to quickly bubble up nail polish and remove UV gels in ¼ the time- is likely to contain these dangerous substance. Don’t use them and warn your friends. Don’t be fooled."