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Gang, I really think the new St Ives Scrub Free Exfoliating Pads are working for me!

I bought these earlier in the week, Tuesday I think and I have been using them day and night ever since.

I know I haven't used them long enough to do a full review on them, but I have noticed that my pores look better and my skin looks brighter!

This very well could be that I have a new toy to play with and I am taking extra care with my skin but for now, my skin looks pretty darn good! The texture has improved and I haven't even had to reach for my favorite St Ives Green Tea Scrub. My makeup is going on fantasticly!

These pads are kinda thin, but very well saturated, and I find one little pad enough to do my face, neck, chest and back of my hands. St Ives keeps knocking it outta the ballpark with their skincare goodies!

Currently using

Aveeno Positive Radiant cleanser (either AM or PM in the shower)

CVS version of Ponds cleansing cloths in White Tea and Chamomile if I dont use Aveeno in the AM

Then I use the St Ives scrub free exfoliating pads. I tried it only at night first, and then added them to AM/PM routine. I haven't had any adverse reactions to them.

Lumene Excellent Future Deep Repairing Serum day and night

CVS Roc version of the Firming Lift Eye Cream

Lumene Sensitive Touch 5 min SOS Cream under my eyes for extra moisture and on a few wrinkles and above my lip.

Olay Reninerist micro sculpt serum

An SPF for day (I bounce around with a few)

I add Olay Renerist microsculp cream in the PM

I really think I have found my 'skin care group'! YAY!

Of course this could all change when the weather gets hot and muggy this summer, but for now my temper tantrum throwing skin is loving this routine!