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I’ve never had success using a flat iron to add soft beach waves to my longer layered hair. I’ve heard great things about the GHD flat iron with reviewers stating this very thing and that before they purchased the GHD flat iron they were unable to curl with a flat iron.

Does anyone have experience with soft curves using a GHD flat iron and whether it’s all it’s cracked up to be? I’m not sure the price is really worth it but if it works for me, it is.
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Honestly, it wasn't all that special. I never got it to flip or add waves any better than any thing else. 

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My daughter and DIL love theirs.My concern is that it doesn't have heat settings.

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Thank you both. I suspect that technique of curling with a flat iron just requires practice... I keep hoping for some magical tool to make it easier but I suspect this isn’t it. Thanks for the input!
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This is a great flat iron but buyer beware. I bought one, within the first year the computerized panel went out. GHD replaced for me. Then again, a month ago, the new one died as well. Even though I still had the original packaging and had registered it, they would not replace a second time. I was out nearly $200 for this. I will never buy from them again. It's a lot of money to spend on a product that doesn't last.