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I’m watching Friday nite Beauty and trying to listen + learn from the Lady Dr ( I didn’t catch her name) who represents Supersmile Whitening pens. Sandra Bennett is the host and interrupted the Dr thru the ENTIRE presentation. When the Dentist was going to give out important information as a Dentist does- Sandra cut her off probably 1/2 dozen times. In the end I didn’t learn a thing from the dentist.🙁Although I usually like Sandra, Her producer or some PTB needs to tell her to cool it and not be so rude and allow the Representative to talk without being interrupted!
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The more excited she gets, the louder.  

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Shawn does this alot too.  The person presenting is interrupted in mid sentence.  I understand they are there to sell, but I as the buyer want to hear about the product.  It is frustrating.  They should have to take a "continuing education" course in selling and watch tone of their shows back...

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Totally agree with you all. SB is starting to get a little annoying. She spends so much time on if sold separately, we all know that QVC sells bundles at a better price. When she was selling the nail polish she was saying that the get coat is such and such at a singe price, they don't even sell it as a single price. I think alot of them spend too much time on the if sold separately price, takes away from the vendors time.