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When I wwnt for my very first micro-peel, a woman came out of one of the rooms to ask a question, she looed battered and had blood dripping down her neck, I was immediately told that that was not what I was having done! The look on my face must have been sheer terror! I asked what it was and was told about the Fraxel thing. 


After that day I swore, no-way! I cannot unsee it to this day!

I have never seen this. I'm not sure what she had done but it doesn't sound correct. You're supposed to only have areas of pin-point bleeding with laser not dripping. The laser itself stops the bleeding. They place an ice pack and then an ointment like Aquaphor. It depends on the laser. It could be that you saw some blood on the Aquaphor that looked like it was more than it was.  

My friend works for a derm and I have never heard of anyone coming out “dripping” in blood.  I’ve had quite a few laser treatments for melasma and broken caps and while not exactly fun, are no way that debilitating.

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Forgot to add if you go to Angie at Hot and Flashy on YouTube, she has had it done and has some videos of her treatment and outcome of the Fraxel.


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Re: Fraxel Lasers?

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Years ago I had a total eyes, face and neck laser lift with the Yag laser which is a bit different in technology than the Fraxel fractional type laser. With a yag laser there are settings on the light source to target specific concerns and in my case it was for skin tightening (collagen stimulation) and dark spot removal. The term "Fraxel" is actually a brand of fractional lasers where the brand  has developed micro-spitting the laser beam in order to lessen downtime which often happens with convention CO2 fractional lasers (peeling and intense redness). Fraxel has come up with their 'better' laser but that seems to be debatable. Fraxel lasers are for resurfacing, reducing fine lines and fading dark spots. I would not consider it to be for face-lifts. Fraxel lasers are non-ablative, yag is ablative.

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I've had this done and I would not do it again because of the pain. 


I'm no stranger to slight-to-moderate pain with respect to Botox (minor) and injectables like Juvederm (a little more painful, especially around the mouth).  But the fraxel laser was something else.  Even with your face somewhat numbed with a cream they give you beforehand, it feels like your skin is being burned off in a fire.  Not only is the treatment painful, but so is the recovery.  Again, I felt like I'd been in a fire and had to ice my face for a good 12 hours afterward.  Think of the movie "Goldfinger," when Goldfinger has James Bond strapped to a table and starts to go after his private parts with a laser.


My derm said you generally have to have three sessions, several months apart, to see real results.  I only had the one session and didn't notice much difference.  The cost was $1,000, and I'm in Southern California.  


I'll do a lot for beauty, but not this again.  

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Yes.  I have had Fraxel treatments done for sun damage and acne scarring. It is painful, even with numbing cream, but worth it. It is also costly. Choose an "experienced" dermatologist. One who has done many of these procedures. The procedure, depending on the intensity of the laser level, can have a down time of 5 or 6 days. There is significant least for me. You will see more tightened and toned skin and you will peel significantly. Having said all of that there are laser treatments that are performed with less intensity and more visits to achieve the same result. 


I have been been very pleased with my results. It is the only treatment that has ever helped my acne scarring.  It will not act as a filler or Botox, or do what a face lift will do. The cost where I live is 1500.00 per treatment.  And that will vary according to your location and the Fraxel that is used. 



Thats at s my experience and two cents. Hope it helped.