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Fragrance - interesting observation

I picked up a bottle of philosophy pure grace summer surf at TJ Maxx and sprayed it in my dry skin around 9pm yesterday. When I woke up at 8am this morning I could still really smell it. I didn’t spray on my nightclothes either. This morning I used PG shower gel, PG satin spray oil and again sprayed Summer Surf on my forearm and crook of elbow. Checked around 3pm and couldn’t smell Summer Surf (or PG). Maybe applying to totally dry skin makes the fragrance last longer? This is totally counter to the “layering” to extend the fragrance advice. Curious if others have experienced this. Will try the experiment again tonight with PG nude rose.
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Re: Fragrance - interesting observation

I never thought of this but you might have a good point. Lotion could break down and take the scent away.
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Re: Fragrance - interesting observation

I wish it was as simple as dry versus wet skin.


It doesn’t make any difference with myself and Amazing Grace.


Ive used AG for many years and I can’t even smell residual smell minutes after lowering myself and clothes with it.


I’m so disappointed in this company.  They bought a company that was wonderful and really messed up the scent.

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Re: Fragrance - interesting observation

I agree with you that the scents of Philosophy perfume items have changed.  However,

I can use them better now, as I would get bad headaches from the original scents, even thought I did like them initially.   On my skin, they seemed to get much stronger as I wore them


Tova & other perfumes have changed also....I heard it was because an ingredient used

in the perfume industry, was actually poisonous, so they could no longer use it.  It has changed alot of perfumes and their ability to last longer.

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Re: Fragrance - interesting observation

I have sprayed fragrance on me and it will last as long as it wants to.  Sometimes if it is a lighter scent, I will use the body lotion too.  Some fragrance lasts longer because of the ingredients and they have more staying power.  

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Re: Fragrance - interesting observation

@Fluke67  Its possible that the Pure Grace you picked up at TJmax was the the original version before they reformulated it. I would put the body lotion on your pulse points if your skin is dry, let it dry then put on your fragrance. I have put on some fragrances I have without lotion & they last just as long. It depends on the fragrance notes especially the base notes, skin type & body chemistry as far as lasting power. So many fragrances that I have loved have been reformulated & have lost their lasting power. I have to say, shopping at discount stores for scents that you like are usually the original version. Just have to get lucky! I see alot of Philosophy fragrances at my TJmax.

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Re: Fragrance - interesting observation

Same here.  Can not smell even just a slight hint on me at all.  Done buying period.

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Re: Fragrance - interesting observation

I do use fragrance.    I have people approach  me and say I smell nice.  I have no clue about any of that since I never really smell anything on me.Sounds strange but true.  


I do not wear fragrance when I travel by air however.  I don't want to bother anyone in a closed space.  

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Re: Fragrance - interesting observation

Most fragrance "experts" actually advise putting on a layer of unscented lotion first to help the perfume last longer.

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Re: Fragrance - interesting observation

I have been told by several "fragrance experts" that just because I cannot smell the fragrance doesn't mean that others cannot smell the fragrance.  Most of the time if you (myself) can smell most likely have put too much on.