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Re: Foundation for older skin?

I still am not a lover of liquid make up, especially in warmer weather.  I went from liquid to BE many many years ago, and then onto Smashbox Halo about 5 years ago.  I use it very lightly, more as a finishing touch than a cover up. On the weekends I do switch to Perricone Tinted Face Finishing Moisturizer, which is very beautiful if you want to stay away from mineral make up.  Again, it is really not a cover up but more of an overall light finish.   I have a nice selection of concealers for a couple of spots, that I use after moisturizing and before my foundation.

Continue to take good care of your skin.  That's the smartest thing you can do.

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Re: Foundation for older skin?

Rather than getting bombarded on here with suggestions, I would go to Sephora, Ulta, or a department store. We don't know your skin's needs. Everyone will give you their favorites but your skin might require more or less. Plus you will need to get a match for your skintone. Most foundations that claim to be long wearing tend to be more matte. If your skin is dry you won't want a matte foundation. Buying a foundation isn't one size fits all. Good luck on your search and hope that you will find something that you will be happy with. Woman Happy

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Re: Foundation for older skin?

I'm 75 and my skin really isn't much different than it was when I was younger.  I've gone a shade or two lighter ... but other than that, it's the same types of foundation.  


The only reason I change foundations is when the one I'm using has been discontinued.


I currently use Avon Extra Lasting liquid and Avon Extra Lasting cream to powder ... 

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Re: Foundation for older skin?

@isaboo wrote:

Thank  you all for the suggestions. I do take care of my skin by exfoliating,moisturizing and using a mask from time to time. I guess for my age my skin isn't bad I just haven't been pleased with any of my foundations.  Some that I have been trying are bare minerals which I really loved , Elizabeth Arden, IT , and Tarte. IT and Tarte did me no favors at all.  I think I will ck out some of the foundations suggested.

I have dry mature skin and use and love both the IT CC foundation( I use light) as well as Tarte's new stick foundation(use light/med in this). I know you said you don't care for Tarte but didn't know if you tried the stick foundation. I use my round top IT brush and will say I lean more towards the IT but on days I don't want a foundation on I will use the Tarte stick foundation just where needed as a concealer.


I never use powder anything on my face other than shadows for my lids but never on my face, shows up things even I didn't know I had, lol.


If you go to Ulta you can have them try a foundation on you and see if you like it. Also depends on if you prefer a full foundation or a lighter coverage. I prefer a lighter coverage and while the IT does give a full coverage I find not using much and really buffing in I hardly need any at all so, gives me a nice finish that looks and feels very natural plus all good things in it for my skin.