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Found three new holy grails at Sephora this weekend

Holy moly what are the odds? 1. Benefit They're Real Mascara - I like it BETTER than Mally for those of you who have Mally as a holy grail as I did. Sephora had a small size...... 2. Jack Black lip balm - nothing else has ever worked for me, Aquaphor, Blistix nothing! I'm over the moon. Thanks to the ladies who have been recommending it on the balm threads. 3. Dior Rosy Blush - youth in a compact, just Gorgeous if you can wear pink....they need to do a coral too! I finally bought this after trying it on my daughter. I couldn't find a second best in pink, better than Angelika.... Ok had to share because this never happens to me! Just wanted to share 3.