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For those who use SKINN AND and what?????

I am interested in using both lines for max results. I am 69 and live in Florida. Tell me how you use them complimentary and what serums and creams. I really do need hyration and deeper expression line control. Love Skinn and used Isomers for about 15 yeras before trying to find the "miracle" that will make my skin look healthy.



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Re: For those who use SKINN AND and what?????

IMO Isomers is a much more effective product than Skinn. I'm 66 and am currently using Isomers Glutathiosome Plus High Potency Face Serum. You can use this product all over your face, neck and eyes and then apply a moisturizer if you need it. It does help with deep lines and wrinkles some, but cosmetics can do only so much. I don't need a moisturizer in the summer, but when the weather gets cold I do. I just discovered Ultra Repair Hydra-Firm Sleeping cream which works great for me. I wouldn't put this on my eyes because it's too dense and rich, but it does the job for face and neck. Ultra Repair also makes a lotion .

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Re: For those who use SKINN AND and what?????

Whatever I use of Isomers and Skinn, the one I think has made the biggest difference for me is Skinn Collagenisis Creme Reverse (sp).  I may use a couple Isomers serums but I always use this cream as my last step at night. I kind of panic when I'm running low. Woman Mad

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Re: For those who use SKINN AND and what?????

I love m.Assam .  very hydrating for dry skin it.  Love Tatcha, these are the best for my dry, sensitive skin.  I do like SKINN and Dimitri, but sometimes I get "pilling" of the product when layering.   But, m.Assam is more affordable than Tatcha. Good luck.

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Re: For those who use SKINN AND and what?????

m.Assam or Tatcha could be wonderful brands, yet the OP topic was asking for advice how to incorporate use of these two brands - Skinn and Isomers, @Mulberry! Cat Happy



@sandylu, I can't use Skinn and Isomers together. I know, Skinn is an excellent line, and I know, it is loved by many Ladies on this board, who are skincare savvy and I respect them a lot!


Over the years, I dipped my tootsies into Skinn products from time to time, but I can't use Skinn NEXT to Isomers.


If not for Isomers, I'd be absolutely thrilled with many Skinn products, they are so nice.... But after using Isomers, Skinn, and everything else, is just way too heavy for me, my skin feels loaded topically and does not breeze well.


I use Isomers and now, I can say - exclusively. Once in a while I cheat, but come back in a matter of a couple of days.


But I do know for a fact, there are Skinn/Isomers users on this board and hopefully they'll start posting their answers your question! Woman Happy

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Re: For those who use SKINN AND and what?????

@sandylu  Without knowing the products you currently use and what you would like to add, your skin type, concerns, or how much time/money you want to invest, it's difficult for any of us to devise a specific plan for you.  After doing some research, listening to presentations, and doing my own trial and error, I've got a system where I've cherry picked my products, a little from several lines, and that seems to work out well for me.  I believe my skin is in very good condition for my age. Whatever lines you want to use, you need to decide which products you want first.  After that, decide if they're going to be AM, PM, or both.  From there you apply them from thinnest to thickest.  You also need to incorporate some exfoliation.  In addition, you might consider specialty treatments during the week like a peel or certain specialty masks (deep pore cleansing, intense moisture, etc.), depending on your skin's specific needs.  Diet plays a part in skin health too so you want to be sure to drink enough water and even consider some good supplements.  None of us can tell you exactly what to do because we aren't in your situation.  You need to do your homework to see what products might benefit your skin and even some experimenting to see what works for you.