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Anyone have a problem with getting dye on your shirts after coloring your hair? I used the Nice 'n Easy foam color at least a month ago. I noticed after washing my hair that where my hair comes down to my shoulders there is brown color on several t-shirts I wear around the house. I let my hair air dry after washing. I noticed it on one t-shirt & after washing my hair last night that another t-shirt I had on had brown marks on it. I could not figure out what it was. After thinking about it I came to the conclusion it has to be from the dye. It was not on my t-shirt when I put it on. After the ends of my wet hair hanging on my shoulders had all these brown marks on it. I have used the Nice 'n Easy regular hair color & no problems with that. Guess I won't be using the foam anymore. Just a heads up for anyone that uses the foam or wants to try it. Guess you will have to blow dry your hair or not wear any of your good clothes until it dries.