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@Tara811    I hope you get out soon and feel better.  Keep doing what your're doing because it works.

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Thank you so much I appreciate it
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Thank you so much. I really appreciate it
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@Tara811  I wish you well as you recover.  You are so right about the First Aid cream, which is a favorite at our home.

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I do get the First Aid when they have a TSV with Auto Delivery. Never thought I would use enough to justify the A/D but I found myself gifting it when family or friends mentioned skin problems.


Occasionally I see some of their products at Marshall's, perhaps I'll try their face cream next.

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This is all i use since i found it in here about 3 yrs ago.. they always have a tsv around november,  2 big tubs and the 2 hand creams.. such a good deal!!! always order it then. i use it everyday all over my body when i get out of the shower. and i even likei it on my face. its all i willl use. definetely worth trying if you never used it before. and i love the new scents they offer with the tsv.. 1 tub of it lasts me awhile, i'd say about 3 or 4 months. but i always look for it, the price of the tsv is sooo worth it.  im about to open a new tub i got awhile ago... it has a expitation date on the bottom of the tub... but the one im going to open is 2023.. so you can stock up on it.. like i said 1 tub lasts a few months.... i cant wait to order it again!!

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First Aid makes a Rosemary that is my favorite! I absolutely love the scent and it's great to cool hot parched skin in the summer. 


If you go to their website, they usually have great sales. 


Hands down: THE BEST LOTION/CREAM out there! 

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Tara8, Hope you are home and feeling better soon.  This is by far my most favorite cream. Makes my arms and legs so soft and not flaky. Have on auto-delivery and always will.  

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God bless you! I hope you are much better by now. Yes! I love FAB as well!
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