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I see the Q has the 2 pack of the 14 oz size in.  Right now it's $80.  Can't imagine the Q will discount it enough as a TSV to make it affordable for most of us.  I will miss using it.  

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Same thoughts here. I like it, but they have priced themselves right out of the market

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If I'm not mistaken, the two jars for $80 is the same as the BOGO deal that had been on FAB's own website. 

I'm curious what the TSV will be, the price, and if different products are included. Also if there will be an Auto Delivery option.

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I saw some First Aid Beauty at TJMaxx lately and just want to let those who use the line know that.   Might be worth checking out if you are out shopping.  Didn't pay attention to which products were there since I don't use it.  

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Do you know if there will be a FAB TSV?  

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@tampalady wrote:

Do you know if there will be a FAB TSV?  

When I wrote to them about their pricing and asking about a TSV.....  they did not address the pricing issue but did let me know there would be a TSV.

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Re: First Aid Beauty

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I"m still waiting.. patiently!  i'm refusing to spend the 80.00 for the 2 big tubs...  hoping i can get it for much less.... im really thinking now that when their website did the buy 1 get 1 about a month ago, i should of got it then.. there's no way i can see them offering it for the i think it was 45.00 or somewhere around there the last time...  as soon as i see it cheaper im grabbing it... its the best thing i've used, im still holding on to the tiny bit i have left.. and i havent been to tj maxx  to look there.