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Re: Finishing Powder Recommendations

Thank you all for your wonderful ideas and suggestions. So many good ones I don't know which ones I'll try. Again thanks to all for taking the time to reply to my question
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Re: Finishing Powder Recommendations

On 4/28/2014 Irishrose136 said:
On 4/28/2014 Ribby said:

Oh, and one more thing about the Hourglass Ambient Powder, the Radiant also makes a great subtle blush. I know it sounds strange that this powder can also be a blush, but it can! Light application as a finishing powder and heavier on the checks for blush. I use a pop of bright pink (Bobbi Brown) on top. It looks so good.

Oh! That sounds sooooo nice. The Ambient Powder is on my to-do list.............once I can decide which one will work best.

I bought BB rouge pot but got a color too dark (raspberry). What color blush do you use, Ribby?

Hi Irishrose! I looove Hourglass my new Hourglass products. Powder usually shows on my skin and makes me look dry. But the Ambient Powder is invisible while it make me look soft focus at the same time. Its amazing how the same product can be a blush too. The Bobbi Brown color I use on top is Pale Pink 9.