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Yes, even re-purposing them in some way.

I don't like to waste stuff, plus my budget is super-tight.

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Almost all my regular brands get used up. I get a lot of subscription boxes so I constantly have new products to try and a lot of them do not get used up. 

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Two things that get used up are Armani Black Ectasy Mascara and La Mer Soft Fluid foundation. I have never finished a foundation until I found this one and this mascara is my holy grail. I have yet to ever finish a blush.

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I do not like to be wasteful so I almost always use things up and I try to only buy things I really really want and only after giving it some thought. Fortunately I am very happy and satisfied with my skincare and haircare routines and have been for awhile so I mostly stick with the same products. I do like to try a variety of makeup items but, again, I'm a lot more particular as to what I am willing to spend my hard earned money on.


I used to do some of the subscription boxes but so many products I don't use or like so I stopped them. 


In in the past, I used to be part of a group of ladies where we'd send out a box of goodies around and each person could take what they wanted out of it but for each item you took, you'd have to replace it with another item. This was a nice way to share products we know we didn't want or wouldn't use so we didn't waste it. We'd also send little surprise goodie boxes to each other occasionally. But shipping prices have gone up so much and, unfortunately, there is always that person or two that took advantage of it so these  days I mainly just bring unused items to the women's shelter and try to repurpose any used items as long as it didnt cause any irritation. I also have a general rule where I only replace a makeup item if I use up an item so I always have a running list of things I want to try. 



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I usually finish mine. I don't like to waste money so, when I buy something, I am committed to using it.

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I almost never finish any beauty product either. I am not brand loyal to anyone. If I get tired of it, it goes. I pared down a lot of my beauty products but I have found that I still don't like or just feel tepid about some of them. Scented lotions I easily toss. I've been known to buy a fragrance kit because I just want the eau de toilette and the kit is cheaper than buying the individual item, then I donate the unwanted other items to the food bank.

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I used to toss a lot that weren't working for me but now I have found great products thatdo work I don't throw much away.  If a face serum or cream isn't working I use it on the rest of my body to moisturize.

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I use up most things. I repurchase favorites so I don't have a lot of things that go to waste. I also repurpose things. For example, a shampoo I don't like can used to clean hair and makeup brushes, and a hair conditioner can be used as shaving cream. I rarely return or toss unless it is truly old, horrible, or irritating. 

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Yes, unless it's a product that causes a breakout, I use all skin care and makeup items down to the last drop -- even cutting the ends off tubes so I can scrape every last bit out.  I've tossed a couple powder eye shadows recently because they're too old and I don't use them.  Other than that, every product gets used ... and usually replaced with the very same thing.

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I use my products but I have wasted too much too. I have always had too much so products either get old or I have decided I don't want to use certain products.  I am working on using as much skincare as I can this year or letting things go if they don't work for me.  I am allowing myself one last round of being wasteful as I need to be but after I get through some stuff, no more crazy hoarding skincare. If I can repurpose an item, I do. I try anyway.  I think it is so satisfying in tossing a product that I used up.  


Makeup and haircare, totally different story.  Takes longer to use up so there is no getting through my collection anytime soon so I am just trying to enjoy it this year and not add to it.  Something will really need to get me excited if I do. 


Can you tell, this is my use up year.