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I can't find the thread that I had seen before on this topic so I'm starting this one. Need a new pair & need some recommendations. What kind & bra nod do you ladies prefer, please and thank you?

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Tweezerman. I even have the small travel size. 

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They say Tweezerman is the best.  I have a relatively new pair from Revlon that has a really flat sharp edge that seems to really find my hairs.  I had a pair with more rounded edges and those darn things couldn't grab anything.  Got mine at Target.

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@joannecha,  Tweezerman but years ago they were superior.  Not sure what they did but they are not the same but still the best ones out here that I know of.

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My Mac Tweezers are the best (& most expensive Tweezers). I've had them for a long time & ordered Tweezerman on my last Ulta sales order, to see if they were better.

I'm still using my old Mac Tweezers.


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Had dropped my Tweezerman pair on the tile floor, wrecked the point. Went to Amazon to order a new pair. Saw excellent reviews for another brand so took a chance. LOVE THEM. Harperton Pluckit Tweezer Set, came in a set of 2, one slant & one pointed. So precise, well made & came in a nice little good quality ziplock bag that would be handy to take them along if you travel.

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I've had  this Floxite tweezer forever. It comes with in a 8x magnification mirror in a storage box. It's very good quality and I've never had any problem with it. I love the rubber grips. It has a slanted tip.


A248380 - $21





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@hoosieroriginal  I love my Revlon Twisters, too.

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My Revlon slanted tweezers work very well.

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Anastasia Precision Tweezers


These are the best I've ever used- no contest! I used Tweezerman for many years, & I noticed the quality went downhill. Then I tried a couple other pricey brand but wasn't impressed.


This brand is simply excellent. They definitely are precise, & they stay sharp (even after I drop them over & over again on the bathroom floor).  I even bought a backup pair in case they mess with the current design.