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I like Walmart's Polished & Radiant.


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@mare54    If you are talking about an exfoliator alba Botanica Hawaiian has a gentle one that gets the job done.  For a daily gentle cleanser -- Kylie cleanser which is a foam cleanser.

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Vasanti Brighten Up! 


The scrubbies are very finely milled and gentle, plus it’s also an enzymatic cleanser.  I order mine from Costco for the best price but it’s available elsewhere as well.

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I use exfoliating bath gloves and a bar of soap.
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i like olay vitamin c face mask exfoliator kit. its  2 part process. but works well.. i use it 3 times a week.

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Skinn Dermapeel daily.  Used sparingly, and gently.  It would be easy to overdo it, but i've been using it off and on for years and have finally figured out what works for me.  Lately, I wouldn't consider anything else just because it gets the job done.  

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Paula's Choice "The Unscrub"

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I also like both the Olay and Aveeno scrubs.
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I'd ask @Shanus .  She does makeup professionally and is a powerhouse of knowledge on skin care.

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I've been using Fresh brand strawberry facial scrub.  It is gentle enough to use everyday.  I ordered a try me tube of it at Nordies for $15.  The tiny scrubby beads melt very easily with water so no irritation whatsoever, and it smells nice - faint strawberry aroma - nothing too stinky.


I like it and wish there was an accompanying moisturizer but it is the only strawberry product in the line.

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