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Can anyone suggest a facial serum that targets fine lines and wrinkles? Maybe something that plumps up the skin. I see no difference in my skin with anything I've tried. My skin is normal, but tends to get drier in the colder months. Thanks so much!

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Have you tried retinol in products or just those with HLA? HLA plumps up the skin and adds hydration. I mostly use Genifique at night because I need less moisturizing. I used Dr. Nassif and it was good also but seemed to be too hydrating. A serum is less hydrating by its nature. I use the Prai neck creams and they are great and very hydrating. I do mostly purchase these on HSN. People say my face looks much younger and I have few wrinkles. I also use some Eva Naturals products on my face in the morning, they do have a gentle retinol product. Some people say Vitamin C on the face is a good serum. I use that but it is not hydrating but healing. I am looking forward to reading other responses. 

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Re: Facial Serum

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Alpha Skin Care Intensive Renewal Serum - 2-oz. $20 - Made in the USA


Alpha Skin Care Intensive Renewal Serum | Ulta Beauty


The thing about glycolic acid is that it really penetrates the skin very easily and b/c GA holds on to water the plumping beneath the skin is very good. Another good thing about GA is that it is a very good exfoliator which does not dry the skin and is actually hydrating the skin. Then finally, since GA absorbs deeply it can stimulate collagen at the deeper layers of the skin. 


Alpha products have been around for decades. They have a cult following with thousands of top reviews. They offer excellent products at very reasonable prices.

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I use Alpha 14% skin renewal.serum as pictured above. However if you haven't used it before the brand has lower concentrations. I worked up to 14% but it can irritate your skin if you are not used to it. I also use Dr. Denise Hydroshield. Both are top rated by Beautypedia. I use the Alpha first and after it dries I use Hydroshield before applying my makeup. The Hydroshield also acts as a primer. At night I use Hydroshield only. 

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I buy mine on Etsy. None of the chemical ingredients, all natural and works beautifully.