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Re: Face ''rejuvination''?

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  I have made up my mind to go with highly humectant day and night creams (with skin brightening effects).  Right now that happens to be IT Secret Sauce and Confidence In A Cream. I have tried drugstore "so-called" dupes and they just don't work for me. They are not moisturizing enough for my dry skin. The IT creams are.  I can see the difference on my 71 yr. old dry skin.  Maybe not as much a difference as I'd like but every little bit helps! 


Do wrinkles and bags bother me.  I admit it, I don't like looking older. Who likes to see decay, anyway?!!!   For most of my life, I have been told I looked younger than my years and, yes, I liked that!  It was fun and who doesn't like compliments?  What's that expression, "so nice while it lasted"?  If I were rich would I have procedures done?  I don't think so but who knows.  I have pretty much decided to l take it as it comes. I have had enough operations, surgeries, shots, and side effects from them all that I'm just not willing to take the chance something would go wrong. 


On another note, to be honest, I think our society puts way too much emphasis on looks so that also influences my decision.  I do not fault others who want to do it because I have been sorely tempted and I understand the why's and wherefore's of it.  Never say never.... but..... I doubt I ever will have procedures done for all the above reasons.

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WELL said and felt.

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@BarbaraKa wrote:

Well. . . I have to say, I have a wonderful woman that I go to that does very conservative touch ups to help me feel better.  She does botox around my eyes. She does my lips and nasolabial folds. She did injectibles under my eyes to help with the recessed area that really aged me.  Again, very conservative procedures and everything totals about $1,000.  I feel better when I look better and at 65 I am still working with very young coworkers so want to keep looking my best until I retire in December!  FInd someone that you trust, that maybe one of your friends has gone to and if you decide to go for it, go for it!  Creams and such will not do what needed to be done for me.  If you want any more information about what she uses, I will get it for you.

I would be interested in what she uses.  Thank you for the offer.  What is her line of work?  What professional would I be looking for in order to get those treatments? Thanks again in advance.