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@Shanus    Yes, the botched face jobs are really scary.  As we age we just have to love ourselves for the women we are.  You know that old saying "Beauty is only skin deep."   How true that is.

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The best procedure, whatever it might be, is one where you don't notice much change. It just makes a person look better, more refreshed and younger looking. Those are the best kinds, not the ones which make a person look different.

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I have been having microneedling done a few times and I will say they are helping with brown sun spots and some mild acne scarring.  I had started before the pandemic but then of course, had to stop.  I think I have had about four treatments so far and I do notice improvement with discoloration and a bit of softening on some wrinkling.  I don't care what anybody says it is somewhat painful, although not extremely so and you are redfaced for about a day.  The facialist does use a numbing cream but you still feel it on the bony areas of your face such as the skull.


I have also decided that I was using too harsh products and have gone to a much more mild, natural product line and I think that is helping improve my skin somewhat.  Microneedling and facials are about as far as I will go with "procedures".

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looking into Plasma Pen (skin tightening) treatments. i have wanted an eyelid lift for awile now. and i want some lazer resurfacing to smooth out sun damage. 


What can be treated with the Plasma Pen?


Any area of the face, neck, and body with sagging skin

Hooded eyes, loose skin above the eyes, and bags and puffiness below the eyes that would otherwise require blepharoplasty [eyelift] surgery

Bags under the eyes that would otherwise require blepharoplasty surgery

Areas with excess skin on the face, neck, and body that may be due to aging, environmental factors, and weight loss

Nasolabial folds [smile lines that extend from the nose to the corner of the mouth]

Marionette lines [vertical lines at the corners of the mouth]

Furrows and crow’s feet

Forehead lines that would otherwise require correction by browlift surgery

Sagging jowls that become more prominent with aging

Sagging neck and décolleté

Lipstick/smoker’s lines that form around the mouth from repeated movement

Stretchmarks as a result of pregnancy or weight gain

Milia [white bumps with dead cells that are stuck beneath the epidermis]

Spider veins

Acne and other scarring

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I have been using Nurse Jamie Uplift Facial Massaging Beauty Roller. You can get it at Ulta and Sephora.  I have been using this for the past year, and I have to honestly say that I am seeing a difference in my face.  Its certainly not a face lift or anything dramatic, but its a subtle change. I see more definition in my cheekbones, and I see firmness in my jowl line. I use this at night after I have washed my face. I usually spend about 15 minutes rolling it on my face while I am watching TV. I like to use this about 5 -6 nights a week. Sometimes if I have extra time in the morning, I will use it then also. There are videos on YouTube that will show you exactly how to use the roller. 

And when I first started using this, after about a month, I really did not see any changes at all.  I thought, wow, another waste of money.  But you have to give it time, because after about 4 months, and with consistent use, I did start to see a difference. 

Good luck with whatever you decide to try.