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Re: FYI: Suzanne Somers TV

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@LipstickdivaExactly!    I saw her on a talk show recently promoting her new book and she did address that nude photo.  After having her breast tissue removed due to breast cancer, she found a doctor in Japan  (I think) who did stem cell therapy, talked him into coming to the US to work with her oncologist, they started a clinical trial on stem stell  for breast tissue with 10,000 patients.  Her breast tissue regrew with this trial.  So, she is very proud of how her body looks.  Now, would I pose nude and then post it on Instagram or do I care about her sex life...NO.  But she does have a story to tell.  Change the channel if you dont want to listen...

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My one beef about this woman is when her hucksterism involves misleading if not outright untruths regarding anything medical. Sell what you want, but stay out of fields in which you have no expertise. That kind of sales tactic is slimy.


But I will admit that she also is quite grating on the nerves.

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If you have to talk/brag about how much sex you are having, you aren't having it! #say anythingtosellabook

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Re: FYI: Suzanne Somers TV

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@SeaMaiden wrote:

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I'm surprised she can take time away from having sex with her husband five times a day to even be on a show. 

@GenXmuse   best post ever LOL!

I agree, I was busting out laughing!!

I listened to it on line - NO FILLERS - omg come on!