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Re: Eyeshadow Palettes Oh My!

@JudyL wrote:

@Boehm Collecter You did great at Sephora!  My ex-DH would have never set foot in a Sephora.  LOL   Well there I stood debating - clean house or play with my new eyeshadows...hmmmm....which one should I do....?  Well it wasn't a difficult decision!  I love these new shadows!  They look great and I think make my eyes look bluer!  Is "bluer" a word?  Anyway, I really like how the colors look together, they blend easily and go on nicely, they are a bit powdery but all I had to do was gently tap them and I got plenty of color.   This was a good choice!


What color lipstick did you get?


Hi @JudyL,  glad you like your new eyeshadow palette.  It's one of my favorite palettes.  My DH is really patient. But I probably would have spent more time at Sephora's if I had been alone.  I didn't want to over do it with him there. LOL  I bought the Sephora Collection Rouge Shine Lipstick in # 14 love spell.  It's a pretty pale pink.. but I don't think the photo on the Sephora website is an accurate depiction of the color.