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Re: Eyeliner problem

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I have very oily lids. I swear by Laura Gellers Kajal liners. They stay on all day which is a miracle having oily lids and dealing with crazy humid summers. Highly recommend. 

@AmericanBulldogMomDo you use anything in addition to the eyeliner?  Thanks! Smiley Happy

@ECBG For the liners I don’t need anything (primer-wise). For eyeshadows I do need primer. However, bc I am low maintenance, I usually just swipe a little of my blush on lids (no primer) and then LG’s kajal liner. 

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Between droopy lids, oily lids and living in the hottest south Florida humidity, I know your frustration. I looked for a decent retractable pencil drugstore option after being disappointed in Laura Geller, Mally and others. I tried L'Oreal, Revlon, Almay. etc. My holy grail is, believe it or not, Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer (retractable).  Not the Exaggerate Smoke and Shine! 


Sometimes I use primer, sometimes not.  It glides over eyeshadow and stays on all day (and night).  It's the same at 10pm as 9am.


The pencil is not too thick and not too thin. I used  L.Gellers Kajal and it was good but I keep reaching for the Rimmel . Also the Kajal is soooo thick.


You can read the online reviews or pick them up at WM or Target for $4.50.  Limited colors in stores. Just because something is expensive doesn't mean it's great.



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Re: Eyeliner problem

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@Drythe  Thanks for this recommendation.  I've been wanting to try their products as cruelty free is a requirement.  I'll check out the eyeliner.


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Doll 10 works for me.  

Cruelty Free too!


Can’t believe how hot and humid it has been & more rain on the way.



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I use a brown eye shadow, primer first. Works great if you like a more subtle look. 

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I use Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner as well as Mally Starlite Evercolor sticks.  Even after working out in the heat and humidity, both stay put .  

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You must use an eyelid primer in order to get anything to stay if you have oily eyelids. Urban Decay Primer Potion is, by far, the very best! I love wearing Avons glitter eyeliner, smudged, and it stays forever!

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@bonnieluI have more then you can fathom.

I've been teary a lot lately so wear only waterproof everything when I have to go out.

With ALL of the many eye liners from high end to middle I have I must say Wunder Liner (CVS) and HSN and many stores online carry this pencil liner - it really stays on's the same company as Wunder Brow.

It's serious stuff. Goes on like smooth. Comes off with oil based dual phased eye makeup remover which I use always with liners that are so tenacious. It looks very nice on and I'm 61 (love the deep brown best called Expresso, it's almost black and have the navy too.

I must say Urban Decay stays on good too...but most are kind of the same ..pretty good as long as I do not wear liner to close to the bottom of my top lids.

Tip: try not to moisturize too much under your eye, let creams and liquid foundations set a bit.. it sink in before making up and when you waer liner on the bottom and have oily skin of like me wear a lot of moisture makeup it will run.

Not with Wunder Liner though..but I rarely use liner as I've aged on the bottom lashes now.. I just smudge a bit of liner with a smuge brush to bottom lash line in a navy or gray or brown now and then.


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@bonnielu wrote:

I have tried so many of them and when I apply eyeliner within a few hours and line is off, melted, not there, whatever. I use the retractible stick version. I have tried Maybelline, Avon, Laura Geller... and much more.  


Is there anything out there, any version that actually stays on.   At this point I will pay more for it since the others do not seem to work.  



@bonnielu  If you have not tried Mally’s Liners, they are truly bullet proof. I use it to make small dots or line at the base of my lashes for tightlining. They are also excellent liners for the lid. Bobbi Brown Gel Liner (in a pot) is also a good choice. Instead of a pointed liner brush, I use a squared off brush and looking straight ahead in mirror, I “walk” the loaded, square brush across the top lid as close to lashes as possible.


Be careful that there is no space between lashes and lid (no skin showing). The purpose of liner is to give shape to the eye and/or make lashes look fuller. That’s why I prefer to put liner “in” the lash line instead of above it.

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@bonnielu. Try the Urban Decay lid primer. After applying your liner, you can set it by going over the liner with an eye shadow in the same or similar shade. 

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@bonnielu Urban Decay Primer Potion is the only thing that works for me, and it only takes a tiny bit to make my eye makeup last for at least 10 hours. I don't use stick liners, they just don't work for me. I've been using darker colored shadows (usually brown) for years because I like the softer look, plus they go on smoother. But if I don't use primer 1st, shadow and liner are gone in an hour.