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I am new to having my eye brows waxed.  I've learned the hard way that you are best going to someone that specializes in eyebrows.  

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If the aloe hasn't worked, try a burn gel.  I had to do that one time when I went for what I expected to be a routine waxing and hadn't realized an eye care product I was using had retinol in it, so I said no, I haven't put retinol on my eye area.  Ouch!  Scary painful, but the burn gel gave me almost immediate relief.


In my case, the burn wasn't really the tech's fault.  She asked before she worked on me.  My pain, but my fault, too. 

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I was told by my esthetician to use coconut oil.  It works also!!!

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I have had my eyebrows waxed for a long, long time and have never experienced any redness that lasted longer than a few minutes.  I usually am out shopping and keep on going after my wax.  Now I will admit I have been going to the same person during this time frame and will continue to do so.  

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cortizone cream , If you have any cetaphil ream that will work or aquaphor

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Wow, this is all new to me.  I had no idea women were getting their brows waxed!  My brows stopped growing about 45 years ago in my early 20's after I had been plucking them since I was a teen.  I haven't had to pluck mine in a very long time, and I only have about 12 thin hairs on each brow now.  So don't get carried away with might end up like me some day.  I'd love to have my original thicker brows back!    Cat Surprised

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It sounds Ike she pulled off the top layer of skin along with the wax and hair, it is unlikely a burn.


i wax my brows at home by myself and use the same technique I used on clients,back in the 70's.  the eyebrows should be cleaned first and dried.  A very light dusting of baby powder should be brushed on the area before the wax is applied.  This will help the wax release from the skin without causing any damage.


i would use a product like Neosporin to help heal the skin.

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I know you can't use Retin A on your face for a few days or a week prior to waxing, but since I have really sensitive skin I stop using any type of retinol product prior to, no at-home peels or heavy duty masks.  The Benefit Brow Bars by me have always been good, plus they touch up any redness with makeup so you can continue your shopping.

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I have gel nails and get them done every 3 weeks. My nail girl's desk is close to the brow waxing area. Can't tell you how many women I've watched sit in the chair and get waxed, brows, upper lip & chin. Some only get their brows done. Anyway, I'm still waiting for the day when one of those women lets out a scream when that piece of cloth gets pulled off. Some just don't react at all which I find amazing. A little flinch now and then but that's about it.

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@happycatI can't imagine trying to wax my own brows😮  Look for a salon that has spa services and you might find someone good.  Oh and just in case you didn't know this, stop using retinol about 10 days before waxing.  Just an FYI if you use retinol.