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Amazon so graciously had this as an item I should check out. Okay, fine, I did.  Now it has peaked my interest.  Have any of you tried it?  The hybrid was/gel sounds interesting.  I don't think I need a full-on wax product, so I thought this might be a good one to try.  Any thoughts?




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@SurferWife   I haven't tried that one but I can recommend a brow volumizing fiber mascara. It holds my brows all day and gives me just enough color and they look natural. It's only $12 Sephora brand. 


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I started using NYX Thick It Stick It brow gel/mascara a month, maybe six weeks, ago.  It works well for me, It comes in a variety of shades, is buildable, and inexpensive.  


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I'm still using Gimme Brow Gel with fibers. I purchase medium brown.


In a hurry, I can use this w/o defining with a pencil first. I've used this for years.