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I always get my eyebrows colored when I get my hair colored.  However, my eyebrows don't hold the color like my hair does.  I am thinking of buying some eyebrow tint, so I can touch up my eyebrows in between salon visits.  Do any of you QVC beauties do this?  If so, can you recommend any particular brands that have good staying power?


Thanks in advance!

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My eyebrows are a medium/dark brown, tinged with grey.  I'm always afraid to tint them for fear of ending up with orange brows.  So I use Anastasia eyebrow powder/gel.  You need to purchase the brush separately and I recommend the one with the spooly on one end, for blending.  It is easy to apply, looks good and lasts the day.  

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My brows are a medium brown naturally. I always color them when I do my roots. I’ve been using godefroy for many years in med brown. They come in a bag of 20 capsules, developer, brush, and tray to mix. I usually use only half of a capsule, it’s plenty even if you have to do it again just in case it’s too light. I get mine on Amazon, usually around $13.
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I have used Just for Men.

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I use Just For Men too.  My brows are brown but are starting to get some white.  And the white is "patchy" making it look like bare spaces.  The Just for Men works well for me.  

I learned of it from some one here on the forum.  I wish I could remember who it was to thank them!

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I color my hair “Medium Golden Brown” I use For Men Only in “Medium Brown.” It works really well. I saved a mascara brush and I use it to apply the For Men Only. I have several white ones and it colors them too. It’s nice because you can do it every several weeks if the need be. I would recommend it very highly.
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At the salon, what is the brand and color your colorist uses? Then you'll have a good match.


I watched my colorist use Redken Color Fusion and noted the color. I buy it on ebay, about $14. Mix 50/50 with 20 developer. Only need 1T each. And I apply with a clean spoolie brush.


Pays for itself the first time vs $15-20 at the salon.



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I swear by Benefit A427250 GoldenBlonde


I have dark brown eyebrows.  This is perfect.  It isn’t black and makes my eyebrows look normal.


If I didn’t use this tint they’d be white as I’m 73 years old.  I wear a wig most of the time, but my regular hair is brown.


I hate pencils because they look drawn on.  Benefit has little fibers that adhere to your brows,


I’ve recommended this color and this product to a lot of happy friends.



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I also use Benefit for brows. I buy it at Ulta. It looks like a little mini mascara brush. You just brush it on every morning and it's very quick and easy. It has just become part of my morning routine! 

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I use 1000 Hour Brow and Lash Tint.  Someone on the forum recommended it years ago.  Last time I bought it was online at Walmart.