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@Lipstickdiva   A recent visit to my derm changed my mind.

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Clarins has a good selection of eye creams for sensitive eyes.

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@monicakm   I would love to try Tarte foundations but in the past, I have problems with shades -- too yellow for me.  Maracuja oil is an excellent oil as it absorbs quickly and great for scalp & hair.

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@Janey2 I use the coffee bean usually but I have also used the Acai, I like them both but I'm not sure they carry the Acai one anymore.  Smiley Happy

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On Black Friday, Tarte was running a 50% off sale so I bought their Sea Wink of H2O eye cream and I really like it.  I have also used the one with maracuja oil in it and liked that a lot as well.    

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Any of the eye creams mentioned can be used on upper lids?
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@PatriciaG wrote:
Any of the eye creams mentioned can be used on upper lids?

@PatriciaG  I use the Hylamide SubQ Eye Serum, by The Ordinary, and I put it on my lids without any issues.

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@Lipstickdiva wrote:

@Shanus wrote:

Just a word about oils and maybe @SilliMee  can give her take, but oils can be occlusive causing clogged pores and hindered the absorption of other skin care to get through it IF it is applied first on the skin.


I've been reading about the increased use of oils on skin and the suggestion is to use it as a last step, if needed, to "seal in" other skincare. It should be applied before spf since it can interfere with its properties. 

@Shanus , I'm glad to see you changed your mind about this.  Not too long ago you started a thread claiming Josie Maran was giving out incorrect information because she talked about putting oils on as a last step.  You said oils should always go on first.  Many of us said we put oils on last to seal everything in.  Smiley Happy 

Oils - first or last? I've read the two different methods, and I do switch from time to time.


Since it is the carrier oils that carry the nutrients into the skin, I've sometimes used a thin veil of oil first before anything else.


Most of the time, though, I mix my favorite oils in w/ my moisturizer.


Have I noticed any difference? No.


For an eye cream....?


A light, but effective eye cream that @SurferWife has suggested is the O'o (sold on Q).


My all-time favorite for eye is Victoria Principal Reclaim EyeMazing eye serum. Also, like Dr. Kaplan's!




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I’m no expert, but I do have very sensitive eyes, somewhat because of having Shingles in one of them many years ago.


Long term user of 100% Pure Caffeine.  No problems.


It does help a bit with puffyness, and dark circles.




I have been told not to place creams, etc. directly on top lids, but rather to place below brow and the lid, will draw what it can use.  May sound odd, but works.

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