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Looking for a nice (must be Neutral) eye palette for my daughter.  Something in taupes.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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Re: Eye Shadow Palette

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@ScrapHappy wrote:

Looking for a nice (must be Neutral) eye palette for my daughter.  Something in taupes.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks.


@ScrapHappy   Most of the Tart "Tartlette" palettes are quite neutral. I think they're discounted on Sephora and Tarte site.

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Morphe has some excellent neutral eyeshadow palettes.  Check out their website or a nearby Ulta to see the selections.  Please note most include frosty and matte shades, but they usually have a couple of options that are either all frost or all matte.  I prefer the balanced palettes with predominantly matte shades, but feature a nice row of frosts.  Also, a lot of young women (the teens to 30 demographic) really like the brand.  Below is an example of how their 35 and 18 color palettes are laid out. They also have a 39 color palette and a few small 5 or 6 color palettes. 


See the source imageSee the source image

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I second the recommendation for the Colourpop palette.  Their shadows are really nice.  They rival higher dollar pallettes for sure IMO.


There is also one from BH Cosmetics called Glam Reflection Rose.  It is 80% off right now on Cyber Monday so it's $3.60 for 15 shadows and it has very good reviews.   

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@ScrapHappy    This is only $27 today on sale at Urban Decay website.  Naked 2 shadow pallette.


Naked2 Eyeshadow Palette 0

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My new found favorite that I am using daily (over my Too Faced, Tarte or other eye shadow palettes I have) is Milani's Soft and Sultry palette (it is on sale at Milani's site for around $10.  It is neutral and applies beautifully and effortlessly.

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@momoftwo2007 , I forgot about that Milani pallette. That is another good one.  

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Look at Dose of Colors -- comes with a brush too. Ulta carries it. Comes with a free gift w purchase Dose of Colors lip gloss with $20 purchase.



Pretty Cool palette:


  • Taupeless (light taupe)
  • Let's Chill (neutral taupe)
  • Sign Off (medium taupe)
  • Fine Print (cool gray)
  • Smoke Show (charcoal brown)



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Re: Eye Shadow Palette

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@Katcat1 wrote:

@ScrapHappy    This is only $27 today on sale at Urban Decay website.  Naked 2 shadow pallette.


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@ScrapHappy I would want this one.  I always wear taupes.


This is the Revlon set I use.  Having worked in colors all my life I love the "grey" of their taupe.  It's right on!




Revlon Colorstay 16 Hour Eye Shadow Quad, Siren, 0.16 Ounce


ALSO, for true color. I strongly suggest an eyeshadow base.  I think a gentle one Is Two Faced.  Urban Decay was so harsh it hurt my eyelid skin. I've never had that issue!  I threw it right out.

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Others have mentioned some less expensive options, so figured I would post some that are a little spendier.



If you are looking for something that will be a "wow" kind of gift, consider the Natasha Denona Glam Palette. 


Glam Eyeshadow Palette - Natasha Denona | Sephora




The Anastasia Beverly Hills Sultry Eye Collection Palette Vault is another thing you may consider.  There are other things in the kit, so it's a nice value.  


Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Collection Palette Vault | Beautylish



Both are $65 at Sephora, but there is a savings event coming up on December 3-9, which is $15 off of $75 for Beauty Insiders.  If you are not signed up for Sephora's loyalty program, you can do that now and get the $15 off for the event.  (Discount is greater if you are a VIB or Rouge level member.)  I'm assuming the coupon code for the deal will be posted on the website on Dec. 3, but if it isn't, you can Google "Sephora December 2020 deals" and there is an Allure article that mentions the event (since we are not allowed to post coupon codes here, I doubt I'm allowed to link the article).



These items are also available on other websites, but thought I would mention the savings event in case you are interested.


Both palettes have impactful formulas.  The Natasha Denona Glam palette is the easier palette to work with for someone who is not a makeup enthusiast.




Other spendy options--I have not tried these, so cannot vouch for the quality--are: 


Dior 5 Couleurs Couture Eyeshadow Palette, in "599 New Look" ($62, Sephora)


599 New Look 0.24 oz/ 7g






Lancôme Hypnôse Eyeshadow Palette, in "Taupe Craze" (On sale for $37.50 on Lancôme's website, or use the $10 off of $50 code on Ulta's site for Cyber Monday.  Regular price is $50)


Lancôme Hypnose 5-Pan Eyeshadow Palette 04 Taupe - 9150648 | HSN

As I mentioned before, I've not tried these 5-pan palettes, but usually Dior and Lancôme shadows are less pigmented.  These may be preferable if she is not a makeup enthusiast and is going for an easy, polished look. 



Hope that helps. Heart


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