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Microfiber facial cleansing cloths do a complete job for me, activated only with water. 

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I've used Almay Eye Makeup Remover forever, then Purity when it came to QVC. Those take off all the makeup. Good luck finding what works for you.

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I've used Suzanne Organics facial cleanser and also the foaming cleanser.  


Can be used for tinted sunscreen, face makeup, and eye makeup (I use liner, mascara and dark eye shadow). 


I apply it and wipe it off my eyes using tissues.  I then apply a second dollup and apply and rinse it off in the shower.  


Passes the white cottonball test.


I used to use baby oil and it was gross.  I couldn't believe how it gunked up and worried about the inside of my eyes.



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@pupwhipped wrote:

I use Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm. I take a little between my forefingers and massage on eyelashes for maybe ten seconds or so. Then I take a warm, wet Campanelli cloth that I bought here on QVC and wipe my eyes including even the inner rims. Rinse the cloth a little and wipe one more time. Then I wash my face makeup off using different cleansers I have, primarily Philosophy's Purity Made Simple. I tried using it to remove my eye makeup but it actually burns my eyes. The Clinique Balm can obviously be used to cleanse your entire face, too, but I just save it to use on my eyes. 

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This is the best stuff ever to remove my eye makeup.  I will NOT be without it! It melts off mascara and black eyeliner. I use this and then purity cleanser to wash it off along with the rest of my face. Love this stuff!

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I use Costco's brand (Kirkland) eye and face makeup remover. 

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I use Kirkland Daily Facial wipes; they remove my eye makeup completely and are not oily or greasy like others are. Have used them for years. My eye dr told me to not use baby oil or anything else oily close to my eyes, and baby oil never removed it well anyway. 

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The only product I always return to: Almay eye makeup  removing pads. Bonus is that they are easy to travel with.

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@tansy   I just saw this today. I use my extra virgin olive oil to remove all my mascara's. Since I also cook with it and have a big container I just keep a little bottle of it in my bathroom and refill it as needed. 

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My favorite eye makeup remover.



CeraVe Hydrating Micellar Water | Ulta Beauty | Gentle cleanser, Micellar  water, Skin cleanser products


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The Inkey List Oat Cleansing Balm.  $10.00 for a 5oz tube and removes everything right off my face.