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Heimish All Clean Balm- I love it for breaking down and removing my eye makeup. I use the ELF Daily cleanser on the rest if my face. 

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@Gemspirit  I recently read that Baby Oil is the best and also conditions the lashes -- don't get it in your eyes.  Baby oil is my vote.

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Re: Eye Make up remover????

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When in college, we all used baby oil or Vaseline. Then my ophthalmologist told me the dangers of getting it in eyes, not water soluble and can form film behind the eye. 


I now use my Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil which removes eye makeup (don’t wear waterproof except Mally, but comes right off) and rest of makeup.


Tried Purity years ago (burned my eyes) and although they show models removing eye makeup with it, the Purity wipes have a warning to not use on or near eyes...Go figure!!!


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Good morning I have been using Jojoba oil to remove my eyemakeup . I have combination acne prone skin and jojoba is one oil that is very gentle and isnt heavy on th eskin . It also conditions my lashes and eyebrows 

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To take off waterproof mascara I use one drop of baby oil, rub it between my 2 index fingers, swipe it across my eyelashes, then wash my face with Dove soap and water to remove the oil and all my other MU. I use MU with a light hand so taking it off is not a big deal.

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Re: Eye Make up remover????

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Where do you purchase your Victoria Prinicipal cleanser? I just want to add that I use Clinique's Take the Day OFF when I have it from GWP otherwise I use Ponds.

@Harpa wrote:

No, not a separate. Victoria Principal cleansers are superior, I think!


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I've used Avon eye make up remover for yrs. It's fairly cheap & works great for me. 

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I use Lancôme Bi-Facil eye makeup remover. Some people say it stings & use other products. I’ve had no problems with using it. 

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@OKPrincess wrote:

I have always and still use Clinique’s Take the Day Off.



I've tried that one but it leaves my eyelids looking weird, chalky & dry. Kind of like a wrinkled up piece of tissue paper. Hard to explain.

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Re: Eye Make up remover????

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I really don't like having to use a bunch of products.  Since I wear L'Oreal's Double Extend Mascara which have the "tubes" which just come off with water, I remove them first with just my fingers and water. Then I take a tiny bit of the Tula cleansing oil on a cotton pad to remove my eyeshadow and liner then use more of the oil to remove the rest of my makeup.