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I have a question for all of my fellow beauty & fashion lovers. Do you use a special eye make up remover? If so, why & what brand?
My mother had the most beautiful skin and even up to when she was bearing terminal cancer, her face still glowed.
We didn’t have a lot of money for fancy cosmetics. Except her Estee’ Lauder perfume every Christmas. She used Ponds cold cream, warm water & a wash cloth. And for her eyes, good old Johnson’s baby oil.
Back then it wasn’t the unending world of skincare choices. It was simpler, like everything else.
We are told now, to never use baby oil. But, I still do! And, have no problem with pores or breakouts. I use purity to wash with and then Dr.Denese’ skin Care products. I find her line effective & reasonable.
I don’t wear much make up but, do use waterproof mascara as I have MS and get hot flashes.
SO~please tell me what you use? I’m very curious what’s popular out there?!?
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Micellar Water on a cotton pad.  Garnier is a good brand.  There are three versions, the one with the blue cap and label specifically lists that it's effective on waterproof mascara.  

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Physicians Formula Eye Makeup Remover Lotion. Hypoallergenic & Fragrance Free

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I have always and still use Clinique’s Take the Day Off.



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Agree with the Miceller drugstore brand. I do love Lancome's eye makeup remover which is usually included in "free" samples along with purchase. I only use Tresor perfume so I frequently receive this free.

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Not anymore...   I use the Skinn facial cloths to remove all of my makeup.

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I use Albolene to remove all my makeup. This 12oz jar is around $10.00 at Walmart and does an excellent job of removing makeup. I remove the cleanser with a warm washcloth.


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I use Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover to remove my Diorshow waterproof mascara.  I also use Dr. Denese products including her hydrating facial wash and have been faithful to Dr. Denese's line for 15 years. My skin is great.


Even though her hydrating facial wash is great, I use the eye makeup remover to save my washcloths from being full of old mascara.

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No, not a separate. Victoria Principal cleansers are superior, I think!

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Re: Eye Make up remover????

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Yes, because Purity doesn't remove my eyeliner and mascara and also want to save washcloths from stain! I use Walmart equate oil-free Eye Makeup Remover which is generic for Neutrogena's brand and much cheaper too! Works great but remember to shake it first! I also tried the Micellar Water when it first debuted however, it removed nothing from my face or eyes so trashed it after 3 tries. Wonder why it works for some and not me? LOL!