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I am currently using Principal Secret Exfolliant once a week.  I LOVE this product, but it's getting pricey, and the S&H is expensive. Curious as to what procuct you use and love, and the price. Thanks!

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I get great results from Mederma Facial Cleanser which is an alphy hydrxy.

My dermatologist suggested it when I had cystic acne because you don't scrub.  Very gentle. Mederma (Aqua Glycolic) Advanced Dry Skin Therapy Facial  Cleanser 6 oz : Beauty & Personal Care

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I really like the Good Molecules Pineapple Exfoliating Powder- its gentle, effective and affordable for $16 at Ulta.  I like how this prodect is a powder that you put a few drops of water into in your hand and then emulsify into a creamy foam and put on your face- it feels really great and isn't harsh and leaves my skin smooth and bright.  I use this once a week. Smiley Happy

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@nanny24  I use all kinds of products for different forms of exfoliation.  If you want inexpensive, check out The Ordinary 30% Glycolic 2% BHA Peel.  The Ordinary website is currently having a 23% off sale across the board and free shipping.  

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I use Peter Thomas Roth Firm x peeling gel & love it. I get it in a QVC large kit on auto ship that was a tsv. They have it in small little travel kits if you'd want to try that way. 


Used to use Principal Secret also & liked her stuff but had to get off paraben.

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I guess I don't need much exfoliation.  When I want a little, I put a quarter size blob of Purity Made Simple cleaner in my palm and add a little sugar to it.  It gives a very gentle exfoliation, which is all I need - once a week or so.  {*_*}

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I'm a soap and water gal ....


For the last 25+ years, I've used Kiss My Face Olive Oil Soap and exfoliating bath gloves .... daily for face.


Followed by a once over with witch hazel.


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Once or twice weekly I use this (15% glycolic acid) serum mixed into my daily moisturizer. Leaves my skin smooth and flake free.


QRXxLabs Glycolic Acid/AHA 15% Renewal Serum - $16 Amazon 

(it's an "Amazon's Choice" product if that matters)


Glycolic Acid/AHA 15% Renewal Serum for Face - Intensive Brightening, Smoothing, Exfoliant for Night or Day - Fine Lines, ...

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Dr Nassif Pads make a great and very easy exfoliant. 

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@Shelbelle wrote:

Dr Nassif Pads make a great and very easy exfoliant. 

Technically they have exfoliating ingredients but they're so mild that I don't really rely on them for that.