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I have used REGENERIST INSTANT FIX EXFOLIATE & RENEW SYSTEM. It used to have a different name, but Olay was repackaged it in their Regenerist line. It is the same as the Philosophy Microdelivery Peel, just more cost effective. 

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Ladies, thank you so much for all the fabulous ideas. I really appreciate it.  That gives me much to check into!!!  Have a great evening!  Heart

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BTW if you want incredibly soft body skin Paula's Choice has an AHA body lotion that is phenomenal! The first time I used it my husband touched me and said "wow! what did you put on? Your skin is so soft"

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@GymBunny wrote:

Anyone have a great exfoliator (for the face) that you love?  I do love my Kate Somerville, but it's so expensive. I'm about out.  I may get it again, but do love all the ideas I get from you ladies on this forum. Thanks!!!

@GymBunny, The Body Shop Exfoliating Gloves (with my favorite) soap.

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Re: Exfoliator You Love??

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I haven't tried this, but I Googled Exfolikate dupe and this came up:

Vasanti Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator.


I love Exfolikate too, so I'm thinking of trying this soon.



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I like to have options so sometimes it's physical, sometimes it's chemical.  

Skinn DermAppeal

Alpha Hydrox Intensive Serum (made my own pads with this)

Eminence Strawberry Rhubarb Demafoliant

Fleur De Lis Rice Enzyme Powder (although it's been awhile)


I just ran out of the Eminence so I'm going to try one I found on Amazon called (SBR) Rice Bran Enzyme Powder Face Wash and Scrub.  There isn't a ton of reviews on it but of the ones there, they are very positive and users compare this to Tatcha with very favorable results.  

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How could I forget...SALUX CLOTHHeart...for your body. Recently bought the "hard" version and wowza it's super invigorating!Woman Very Happy

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I  like Skinns derma peel. I like the smell and I LOVE how it makes my skin feel so soft and smooth. I have read all the comments that aren't good about it but--- dang--it works for me. I only use it 2x a week and I am very careful about not scrubbing too hard. And I have 2 new jars of it so I am determined to use it up. Will I buy any more when I use up the stash I have--maybe!

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I like oz naturals.

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I have tried many but always gravitate back to Avon clear skin scrub which I have loved since I was a teen.  In addition to retin a and all the anti aging serums  I like the benefits of a physical exfoliate once a week and is one always wins,  very inexpensive which is an added plus.