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Every once in a while, I like to use an exfoliant.   But I am now hesitant to use them because of the plastic microbeads that are so harmful.  Realize that these will be, or already are, banned but they are still available in my state.  What should I look for in the ingredient list that will assure me that the "scrub" is not harmful?  Have used Philosophy, Olay, and Clinique in the past but I believe they are still plastic microbeads.

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For something a little more natural, you could use Bobbi Brown's buffing grains. You can use them with water or mix them into your favorite cleanser.
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I use Paula's Choice 8% AHA gel daily; use it at night after cleansing & toning. Sometines I follow it up w/either a serum or night moisturizer, depending on how my skin feels after.

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Read ingredients. I think some have nut shells .  I use baking soda for my face because it is very gentle mixed with whatever cleanser. 


Thank you you for caring about the environment. 

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I use Aqua Glycolic from the drug store (behinf the counter) rec. by my derm.  Light acids, no scrubbing, no scratching!

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I really like the Burt's Bees

Peach & Willow Bark Deep PoreScrub .

 Silky smooth skin and natural ingredients. Good stuff!

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Well, if you want to use something natural, try rice flour (think Tacha).  Personally, I don't recommend using baking soda because it's so alkaline.  It disrupts the acid balance of your skin (the skin barrier).  You want to preserve the skin barrier as much as possible.


I've used two products with oxide crystals in them that are more abrasive than products with the beads:  Derma E Microdermabrasion Cream (Ulta, Sally Beauty) and ASDM Beverly Hills Microdermabrasion Cream (see their website).  Both of these creams are great with a Konjac Sensitive sponge using very gentle pressure.


Another scrub that foams up like a cleanser is Earth Science Apricot Gentle Facial Scrub, it has walnut shell powder in it, comes in a tube, has a pH of 5.0.  This brand is at Whole Foods, vitamin stores and health food stores.



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There are many good gentle exfoliators that use low level acids.


Anything with salicylic acid will exfoliate.  I like the Neutrogena Acne Free wash.  Many of these products are marketed for acne but my derm says they are a good choice for gentle skin.


Love the alphahydroxy line.  Look on drugstore for reviews.  They have gentle products. 


Alba is another line.  Gentle and works great.


I am sure there are many others.

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@gonnab  Check out Eminence Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant.  It has ground up rice and other organic ingredients, and is super gentle.  I also use Skinn DermAppeal, but the scent can be a bit too strong (menthol) for some people.  If you want to be really frugal, you can mix a little superfine granulated sugar with your cleanser.


Whatever you do, please avoid the inexpensive ground walnut shell scrubs.  They can leave micro tears on your skin.  Also stay away from baking soda.  It's not meant to be used on your face as it upsets the acid mantle and if used too long or too often it could do permanent damage.


Why You Shouldn't Use Baking Soda as an Exfoliator

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Baking soda has a much higher ph, around 8, than our skin.  Skin is around a 5.  Baking soda has many great uses but using on our skin is not one of them.

@Suesues wrote:

Read ingredients. I think some have nut shells .  I use baking soda for my face because it is very gentle mixed with whatever cleanser. 


Thank you you for caring about the environment.