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Re: Evine live TS with Active Argon oil by Morgan Shick

I have been using the kit with the Active Argan All Over Drops, Bronzing Drops, and 24k Translucent drops. I received them for free as part of a contest Morgen was doing through her Twitter page. I will say, and it should be addressed first, that the product DO have a strong scent. I am not particularly sensitive to "some" (although not all scents) and these products can be a turn off for many users.

The products themselves are very very effective. Unlike other argan oils, such as one I have used for years- Josie Maran's- Active Argan does absorb quickly and not sit on top of the skin like JM's. I am loving that they do keep hydration longer than other oils I have used (not only JM, but all the other "buzz" ones out there: rosehip, seabuckthorn ?, marula, dilo, etc.).

The Bronzing Drops are amazing as they are the only bronzing product I have ever used that gives me a non-shimmer, non-orange, totally natural bronzed look. I have stopped using foundation and just put this all over my face over sunscreen. It lasts all day and looks natural!!!

Morgen has explained that the reason the products have such a strong scent is because of the "oxygenation" process they go through which makes them, basically, stink. She is aware of the issue and is currently working with the company to reslove the problem in a way more agreeable manner to customers.

If anyone asks me, I would recommend the All Over Drops and the Bronzing Drops. The 24k Translucent drops have peptides added to them and I'm not convinced peptides are as necessary as other ingredients for aging/more mature skin. I use the All Over Drops on clean dry skin and then proceed with my usual routine with other products. I have also not tried any of the other Active Argan products and won't either. These two are really all I feel I need, and of course, I got the first ones for free but I am reordering them.

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Re: Evine live TS with Active Argon oil by Morgan Shick

Has anyone received the ts, and how do u like it.

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Re: Evine live TS with Active Argon oil by Morgan Shick

I do like it , I prefer skincare with out scent , but this now has a natural fragrance instead of chemical , i mix with other serums and creams , you really only need 2 drops max. I think Morgan said when she first brought it , that the process makes the oil have an unpleasant odor without  some kid of scent , if you don't like any scent Josie is the way to go.