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It is fantastic... the way she teaches to contour is fabulous, my skin never looked so good.

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I love her products. I purchased TWO of the TSVs thinking at least one if them would work...kept them both and on Auto delivery. I do not use a lot of the foundation and it never looks cakey. The reverse contouring works for me. As Eve explained with the other contouring you are putting a light color on your cheeks only to cover it with blush. With this technique you still accentuate the cheekbones but you neck and jawline are the same color. I am still so happy with all of her products (I have sensitive acne-prone skin so it says a lot for me to like any foundation...)
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Thank you, ladies! You are all so helpful with your replies!!

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I too purchased the TSV when it was on air and like her products very much. I would recommend her products in a heart beat! Hope you like them as much as I do.

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I wish I could afford everything she sells! However, the price for that little black pouch and ONE brush, over 40 dollars seems a bit steep. Her brushes are too expensive for me, but I know that they are of high quality. I have some good brushes from Skinn, IT, and Doris Dalton, that would probably work fine. I also have a lot of brushes from Sig. Club A that are older, like 6 years old that are still going strong, even with weekly washing.