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A recently purchased a variety of products to see the quality. I found it to be fair for the inexpensive price. I ordered lip products, mascara, eye shadow, foundation, concealer, shimmer, and the makeup sealer. I truely only liked 2 of the products. The eye shadow in "ocean dreams" is fantasic! I have been using the indigo blue wet as an eyeliner frequently and am happy to say that it really has staying power. I also like the matte lip stick in "natural". The lip glosses were fine however the mascara was almost dryed out. The concealer was ok, but the foundation has a scent that I just didn't like. The makeup sealer was nothing special and didn't seem to protect my makeup in my humid climate. The pink lemonade shimmer was ok too. I use it occasionally as a cheek highlighter. So all in all, I would repurchase the matte lip stick and try some different eye shadows. Not bad for only spending $20.00.{#emotions_dlg.biggrin}