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Anyone use(d) this brand? Would like your opinions

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Re: Elemis

I am not overly sensitive to fragrance, but the products I tried from this line had an overwhelming fragrance.

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Re: Elemis

Only thing I use from this line is the cleansing balm and love it.  Right now am using the rose balm.

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Re: Elemis

I am currently using the pro-collegan marine cream moisturizer and the Revitilize Me shampoo and love them both.  Pricey, but good.  However, when I finish the jar of moisturizer I'm going back to Kate Somerville moisturizer which I like better.  I order from Time to by the way.


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Re: Elemis

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The cleansing balm is a very nice cleanser and leaves the skin moisturized. I am not impressesd with the Marine Cream because it just doesn't address my dry skin. I have had better luck with other moisturizers that aren't as priced. I am currently using Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizer for $49 and like it better.

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Re: Elemis

I love this line! I use the pro collagan cream and then I bought the TSV last year which contains the peptide oil cream for the evening and the eye cream,, and the fragrance is wonderful. Waiting on my next auto delivery as I'm. all out and you can't change the shipment dates, since it ships through Elemis. I like the cleanser, but use more so in the dry winter months. This is a great skincare line!!

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Re: Elemis

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I love Elemis. I have sensitive skin with occasional breakouts and this has really gotten my skin under control. I use Dr. Denese FF pads and retinol products a few times a week, other than that, all is Elemis - day, night, eye moisturisers and serums, oils, cleansers, toners. Also have the Frangipani and the Nourishing shower creams and body balms - the smell of these are opposite and both are wonderful. I have a variety of products that I have bought in kits offered over time and mixing the aromas and the textures is fun. Shelf life is 3 years unopened, but beware, once opened, it's 6 months. I consider that a good thing, but you probably want to open and use accordingly.


I have seen that the most frequent dislike is the smell of some products. On first opening, I have a few times found the aromatic a bit strong, and then I come to really appreciate it. There isn't anything I wouldn't use, even the Rose Balm, which I originally found too strong.


I find all QVCUS product presentations very hard hitting and aggressive. Everything is a superlative. So I don't fault the Elemis rep here in any way; no doubt she is required to sell hard. I discovered this line on QVCUK and I doubt I would have paid any attention at all, if not for the relaxed, funny and informative presentations. They do hands-on facials on-air and I feel the effects watching it on TV!  Of course they are still selling, but the focus of this brand is its Spa-like virtues. I don't think I would have purchased this line watching the US presentations. 


I do highly recommend. Like Emer said last night, give it the 30 days it takes for your skin to cycle through. The feel and appearance of my skin has changed dramatically, and I never find caring for my skin another chore at the end of the day, I feel pampered and relaxed.



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Re: Elemis

I have sensitive skin and am scent sensitive. I tried this line when it was a try me trio offer. I liked how my skin felt but I had a horrible reaction to the products. 

I am a Dr. Denese skincare product fan and now I won't use any other product on my face/neck. I think both lines offer results and are competive in price and value. It just comes down to what works the best for you and fits your budget. I have found that the TSV offers in the super size for beauty are the best deals. 

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Re: Elemis

Love Elemis!  I've been slowly moving most of my skincare over to this line.  Love the apricot toner and marine cream! 


I also like the cleansing rose balm a lot but it's not for me in the summer when it's humid (even with AC on it still bothers me in the summer)'s great though for winter when the air is more drying.


I've tried a few of their eye products and like them too.

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Re: Elemis

I like the cleansing balm occasionally as it is too rich for my combination skin. The night serum plugged my pores.  I use when feeling dry in the Winter and have used it to remove eye make up. It may be great for dry skin gals.