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I decided last fall after my last full head box color job that I was done with coloring my hair and in my early 60's.  I researched YT and this is what I came up with for my classic bob.  I let it grow out to about 1.5 inches over the winter with a pretty severe demarcation line between the grey and box color.  In mid-March I started using box color remover like the one you get in Sally's Beauty Supply stores.  But what really made the difference in lightening my box color off my hair was using MalibuC CPR and it went up 3 levels after using it twice!  


Once I removed most of the box color my demarcation line became blurred and it soften my overall color.  Now I'm just waiting to get into a proper hair salon to cut my bob into a modified pixie for the hot midwest summer months.  Thanks to famous colorist in California Jack Martin for the first step you can do at home if you don't want to bleach out the rest of your color which a salon should do.  I would not do bleach on my hair myself.


This was realtively inexpensive to do without the hours in a salon and the hundreds of dollars of expense.  It pays to do your homework on Youtube to get the best salon tip secrets.   


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@wagirl wrote:

I went thru chemo 9 years ago and lost all my hair --it was a medium brown with dark blond highlights ,  but stopped any coloring after it grew back--- with alot more grey than my med brown was before chemo---now there is more grey--a very nice grey/silver in with the med brown and have been told i should never do any color on it as  it is what people pay alot of money to duplicate--- so be it---am over dying my hair anyway.


Thank you for sharing your happy ending! I'd love to see your gorgeous hair!

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@youngjude ---oh I hope I didn't give the impression that it was georgeous-----it is natural and far from georgeous--but thx for the compliment--have been going thru trying to find a stylist that will cut it the way I would like and that doesn't cost an arm or leg----paid someone $62 a few weeks ago only to realize she had just shortened the same style it was, by about 2 inches. So maddening!

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Thanks so much for the tip. I have been deep conditioning occasionally, but will try to be more consistent and do it at least once a week.


Thank you!!!

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Edited to thank you, @Shanus.