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ELEMIS superfood line thoughts

Just wondering if anyone has tried these products from ELEMIS. I’m. It sure which age group these are geared to. It seems to be for dull skin. I actually asked the Nordstrom people and they said it’s for young people. Not sure if that’s the case. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you

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Re: ELEMIS superfood line thoughts

Last year I tried the Superfood Oil and liked it very much. I am 68 with very dry skin and it seemed to be a nice addition to my routine. Just wasn't sure about the other two products. The description doesn't seem to give enough information as to whom would benefit from it. I am passing on it. However, it is a good price.

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Re: ELEMIS superfood line thoughts

I'm 70+  and decided to try it.  I think the host or rep said it wasn't for wrinkles, but I have other products for that.  I plan to use it in the a.m. and my other products at night. 

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Re: ELEMIS superfood line thoughts

I wish they would have a tsv.

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Re: ELEMIS superfood line thoughts

@goldensrbestI do as well.

I use most of the things in the line....the fave is a clear $$ serum which was 117.00 and love it as my base--no scent nothing. It's Quartz serum. Firming and just great. Lasts long too but SO $ ..thus I buy on my skin care site lovelyskin or others with huge discounts but haven't repurchased that and use Replenx green tea serum as well until the $$ one is empty, I will stick with the Replenix....good stuff for skin dr.s [derms] have in offices.

My skin has been so nice with this line. I do not care though for the strong scented oils.

I do now love the Elemis Pro Definition cream..a dreamy low scented day cream which really tightens and makes skin soft. Was a diff name until they switched it up the line [some names and packaging] and it's much different now IMO, so nice more emollient now. Use that and marine cream...alternating. Great line...that works.

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