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Re: Dyson Hair Dryer for $399?

Well, this  "real woman"  has been wanting one of these.  Love all the extras and on easy pay which makes it affordable.  With all the awful things going on in the world, this seems like such a silly post.  To each her own!  How nice that QVC does offer different price points.  You certainly don't have to buy this dryer, but the sales show that many woman do want to try it. There are many positive reviews to support the quality as well as reviews on Sephora and Ulta.  I said I'd never spend $400 on a Vitamix blender but prob spent that amount in blenders that crapped out.  That purchase has been one of my very best!!!  There is a reason that blender is more expensive.  I will definitely send this dryer back if it isn't stellar. I use to really enjoy reading these forums, but the seem so negative now. Why not support each other and Be Kind!  Who cares what some people choose to buy and what does it bother you?  Glad to hear so many of you love this dryer. Fingers crossed! Smiley LOL

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Re: Dyson Hair Dryer for $399?

@elated wrote:

I think it is your money and do whatever you want. I think these dryers are made for professionals with a clientele. The dryers are lighter and dry faster. I don't need this dryer, therefore I am not buying it. Sometimes it appears the models hair is frizzy but that is my observation. 



@elated  ITA. I’ve yet to see a model’s hair look $399 better after being dried w/ the Dyson.

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Re: Dyson Hair Dryer for $399?

I guess we all like different things and what floats ones boat may not float someone else’ biggie...I happen to love expensive handbags, I think there beautiful and I like the mom thinks I’m nuts to spend that kind of money..that’s ok, I can afford it and I like nice business.  

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